WATCH: ‘National Treasure’ Gives First Official Look at New Series

by Tia Bailey

Disney+‘s upcoming “National Treasure” series has a behind-the-scenes look available now. The show’s title is “National Treasure: Edge of History.”

The teaser trailer was released at Comic Con, and is 17 seconds long. Although short, it gives an exciting look into what the series is going to be like.

“National Treasure: Edge of History” stars newcomer actress Lisette Olivera as Jess, and will feature guests appearances from several “National Treasure” movie veterans. Harvey Keitel will reprise his role as FBI agent Peter Sandusky, and Justin Bartha will appear as a guest, reprising his role as Riley Poole. The series is a soft reboot of the original movies. So fans of the films should definitely tune in.

Olivera talks about the new series in the featurette, saying “Jess is a 22-year-old DREAMer. She is tenacious, and she embarks on this Pan-American treasure adventure.”

“Everything I thought I knew about my mom and my dad is a crazy riddle that can only be solved by finding this treasure,” her character, Jess Morales, says in the video. Jess is joined by her best friend Tasha (Zuri Reed), Tasha’s love interest Oren (Antonio Cipriano), Jess’ childhood friend and love interest Ethan (Jordan Rodrigues), and a musician with a treasure-hunting background, Liam (Jake Austin Walker). The antagonist of the show is Billie Pearce, portrayed by Catherine-Zeta Jones. Pearce is a “black market antiquity dealer” who plays a cat-and-mouse game with main character Jess.

Fans React to “National Treasure: Edge of History” Teaser

Disney+’s Twitter account shared photos of the cast at a panel at San Diego Comic Con. The photos, captioned, “History in the making. The National Treasure: Edge of History panel at #SDCC was truly a treasure. #DisneyPlusSDCC #SDCC2022”, set off a lot of replies.

Fans in the replies questioned with Nicolas Cage, the original star of the “National Treasure” movies, was. As of now, it is unknown if Cage will return for a cameo in the series. Rumors of a third “National Treasure” film with Nic Cage spread in 2020, but nothing came of it.

Other fans quoted-tweeted the photos with excitement for the upcoming series. @MeredithLoftus said, “Would you say… history has its eyes on them? I’ll see myself out”.

The show, directed by Mira Nair, also uses from writers who worked on the original films, Marianne and Cormac Wibberly. Additionally, original director of the films, Jon Turtletaub, is coming back as an executive producer.

Disney+ has yet to release an official premiere date for the show. Although some viewers seem put off by the lack of familiar faces, the cast and crew promise a show that fans of the original series will enjoy. Check out the cast panel on Entertainment Weekly here.