‘Survivor 41’ Castaway Brad Reese Talks About His Bizarre Antics… and the Broccoli Mishap

by Amy Myers

Even though Survivor 41 contestant Brad Reese didn’t come home with any money, he at least knows that he had one of the most unique strategies the show has ever seen. The 49-year-old cattle rancher from Wyoming stayed true to his techniques, whether or not they led him to a win. Looking back on his time on the show, Reese expressed that he had some regrets about his game plan, but, for the most part, he’s happy with his performance.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, the former Survivor 41 competitor explained his thought process in the midst of big decisions, including his surprisingly abrupt plan of attack against Shantale and Sara. At the time, Reese told the two women directly that they were his main targets when asked who he was voting for. To lifelong Survivor fans, this is the ultimate mistake that can lead to elimination. Still, Reese stood by his decision to be forthright with his plan, even if he is “catching heck for that.”

“But what they didn’t show [is that] I spent four hours dodging that question,” Reese explained.

The contestant also added that Shantale knew of his intentions and his desire to keep her on his team. So, by throwing out two names, he hoped to put Sara’s mind at ease before elimination.

Of course, the more mindboggling part of Reese’s journey on Survivor 41 had to do with his failed broccoli line. Prior to his final Tribal Council, Reese discovered that he must repeat the line, “I didn’t know it till now, but broccoli’s just a bunch of small trees.”

By saying this phrase, he would have activated an idol during an immunity challenge, the last of the three-part task. Unfortunately, the Survivor 41 contestant stumbled over the line when the time came.

‘Survivor 41’ Contestant Breaks Down Broccoli Mistake

Surely, when the Survivor 41 contestant read his line, he knew it would be tough to work in the odd statement in a conversation. However, the problem didn’t lie so much with the build-up as he did with the actual recitation.

“So when you’re up there, you have this plan in your head. And I practiced that line a hundred times. I had nothing else to do,” Reese recalled. “But then you think about setting it up and you’re like, ‘Okay, I got to talk about being skinny. I got to talk about being a twig.’ And when it actually came time to recite it, it was gone! G-O-N-E, gone!”

Knowing he flubbed the line, all Reese could do was hope that he came close enough to the actual phrase to activate the idol. Sadly, he missed the mark by too much, leaving fans and fellow teammates devastated.