‘Survivor 41’: Eliminated Contestant Says a Bathroom Trip May Have Changed Entire Season

by Joe Rutland

It appears that “Survivor 41” former contestant Genie Chen believes that not teaming up with JD might have hurt her chances.

Well, that and a bathroom trip might have changed the entire season.

Chen talked about her departure in an interview with TV Line.

“JD said something that was very misleading,” she said. “He said that I refused to work with him to vote out Ricard. Are you kidding me? I friggin’ wrote ‘Ricard’ at our first Tribal! Of course, I was willing to use JD’s extra vote, but he never even brought that up to me.

‘Survivor 41’ Former Contestant Says She Knew JD Wasn’t Going To Play Extra Vote For Her

“There were times I hinted at him like, ‘Look, I know you’ve got that extra vote, but I’m assuming you want to keep it until the merge?’ and he was like, ‘Yeah, exactly,'” Chen said about her time on “Survivor 41.” “So I knew he was not going to play it for me. At that moment, I knew he had to gun for me and I had to gun for him.

“Shan did tell me, ‘Hey Genie, I’m gonna try to get his extra vote,'” Chen said. “I was actually going to take that information and tell JD about Shan’s plan because that was proof we needed to use it together to vote one of them out.

“But I went to the bathroom, and 10 minutes later, Shan was like, ‘I got the extra vote,’ so I didn’t even have that plan [as an option]!” Chen said. “The only thing I could do was to gun for him.”

Well, she is gone from “Survivor 41” but host Jeff Probst is still around and he’s offering new details ahead of shows. The reason? He’s watching over the show’s game players.

Probst Believes That Some Risks Taken Are Really Not Worth The Reward

Now, ahead of the Oct. 13 episodeProbst teased a crucial detail coming up with a contestant. He could just drop that nugget, but Probst took it another step further and said what he’d do in that situation.

Probst asked in a video released on Twitter, “Would you ever throw an immunity challenge?”

Fans of “Survivor 41” may say that the challenge has to be played as if your life depended on it.

But Probst also said some risks are not worth the reward.

“Some risks, I wouldn’t take, and one of them is I would never go to Tribal if I didn’t have to because as somebody who’s witnessed every Tribal Council, I’ve seen how often things get crazy,” he said. “And somebody walks into Tribal feeling confident and they never make it back to camp.”