‘Survivor 41’: Recently Eliminated Star Explains Complex Relationship with Xander

by Jonathan Howard

This season of Survivor 41 is getting down to the bare bones.

The contestants are skinny, covered in dirt, and sunburnt to hell. Not to mention the fact they have to keep completing challenges and make sure their alliances hold up. That last part is easier said than done. This week we saw a very emotional tribal council, and now Liana Wallace has been voted off.

The “Cookout” alliance could only last so long. Now, with Shan Smith and Liana being voted off in back-to-back weeks, there is no telling what could happen next.

However, now that Liana has been voted off, we have the opportunity to hear her side of things. Particularly what she thinks of Xander. The two had a complicated relationship, to say the least. While the dynamic portrayed on the show made Xander seem a little untrustworthy, Liana doesn’t have any hard feelings.

“Okay. Well, first and foremost, in real life and outside of the game, Xander is an amazing person,” she said to Entertainment Weekly. “Super genuine, super kind, a complete sweetheart. And to see how that was misconstrued in the game was kind of hard to see, but let me explain.” And explain she did.

Liana, Xander ‘Never Wanted to Work’ with Her ‘From Day One’

The former Survivor 41 contestant went back to the Yase camp for her example. It set the tone for the game and the relationship between her and Xander.

“First, you see in the scene when he first finds the idol, I go left, he goes right… The second piece is that when he did find the idol, he managed to tell everyone in the tribe, but was really, really adamant for whatever reason about not letting me find out about it,” she explained.

“From day one, for whatever reason, Xander never wanted to work with me. So for me, when you show me your true colors, I believe you.” When you start off on the wrong foot, it is hard to repair a relationship. That is especially true on a game show where tons of money is up for grabs.

‘Survivor 41’ Liana Downplayed Her Relationships Early

Perhaps Liana didn’t have a very strong alliance with anyone in particular due to how reserved she was early on. Although you could argue she got as far as she did with her style of play, there was a big difference between how she treated relationships versus others.

One of her most trusted confidants was Evvie. Since she kept those cards close to her chest, when it came time to get Xander voted out, no one wanted to side with Liana.

She said a couple of weeks in, “I’m downplaying my relationship with Evvie. I’m acting like I don’t have any social connections in the game… it’s just time after time I couldn’t find a way to convince people that Xander was dangerous and needed to be voted out.”

Too little too late for the Survivor 41 contestant. Now, the show keeps pressing towards the season finale. Who will remain when it is all said and done?