‘Survivor 41’: Evvie Jagoda Revealed Why Her Trio With Xander and Tiffany Imploded

by Courtney Blackann
(Photo by Robert Voets/CBS via Getty Images)

Everyone knows that “Survivor” means alliances. It’s something the show established well in its first season when Richard notoriously orchestrated a dominant allegiance between a few of the members. Since its installment, the cast have been working behind the scenes to create lines of trust with their fellow cast mates. This notably includes Evvie Jagoda. She attempted to create a trio with Yase members Xander and Tiffany in the show’s latest season.

However, this did not work out in her favor. And she ultimately was booted from the castaways. Now in it’s 41st season, the cast members have a pretty good idea of how to navigate any kind of “Survivor” drama.

Evvie shares in an interview her thought process behind the inner workings of her alliance-minded strategy.

“You saw us go on our journey together early in the game, and we really, really bonded. And when we got to the merge, we really did want to work together. And I think you saw it in that episode, that even though we came for each other, we were both saying, “Ugh, I didn’t want it to go down this way. I did really want to work with this person,” she says in an interview with Entertainment Weekly.

“Survivor” Alliances Heat Up

Further, Evvie goes on to describe the relationship between her cast mates.

“Honestly, it was very surprising to me as well that Yase totally imploded after that. Because when we got back from Tribal, it was all hugs. Tiffany gives Xander back the idol, and obviously Xander was upset that I shared the idol, but we talked about it and I was like, “Listen, that was day 4. We didn’t know how close we were going to end up being.” And honestly, Xander is a gamer. I don’t think he took it personally, but I think he was a bit wary.”

While Evvie was trying to play her cards right, she shares that she really did like the idea of an all-women alliance. She worked behind the scenes to orchestrate such a thing. But it was to no avail. And she’s not afraid of sharing why that happened. When asked about the all-women’s merge, she had this to say.

“Oh, absolutely. And one of the first conversations I had at the merge was with Shan. Me and Shan were very much on the same page — let’s do a women’s thing, let’s get a Luvu out. That was definitely the vibe. But the merge was crazy. You have women and men, you’ve got the Black alliance forming, you’ve got Luvu versus Yase. There were so many things going on, and it was so fluid and jumbled up. And then when that hourglass twist came in, it just made a really stark division where it was just like oh, okay, it’s Yase versus everyone else.”

While Evvie was voted out of the tribe, she has no hard feelings. It’s all a part of the game. It’s something she was well-aware of heading into the competition. And she’s proud of just how far she came – despite the seedy role-playing it cost. 

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