‘Survivor 41’ Fan Creates GoFundMe Campaign to Reward ‘True Winner’

by Taylor Cunningham

Apparently, Survivor 41 fans were torn by the results of this year’s game. So one person took it upon herself to right the wrong.

During Survivor’s finale night on December 15th, Erika Casupanan became the Sole Survivor with an impressive 8-1-0 win against Xander Hastings and Deshawn Radden. But despite walking away with nearly every vote, some people believed that Hastings was the true winner of the season.

Since that last episode aired, fans have continued to debate the matter online. And one particular person was so determined to make things right for Hastings that she set up a GoFundMe page so the castaway could take home his rightful winnings.

On the page, creator Eva Walker wrote that she was “disheartened” by Season 41’s outcome. So she “wanted to do something about it.” But that effort quickly met some drama of its own.

In only a few short days, the page earned over $2,000. However, once it hit that mark, the creator shut it down. Eva wrote an update saying she believed that she needed Hasting’s permission and contact information to legally run the fundraiser. But she later learned that she was mistaken.

The GoFundMe page is currently processing refunds to all the fans who have already made donations.

“I REFUNDED EVERYONE: YOU WILL RECEIVE THEM IN 3-7 BUSINESS DAYS,” the creator wrote before adding that the situation was caused by her “own human error.” 

But she also noted that upon shutting down the effort, hundreds of Hastings supporters asked her to continue her fundraiser. So, she gave the Survivor 41 fans what they wanted.

‘Survivor 41’ Fan Creates a Second Page in Xander Hasting’s Honor

Due to high demand, Eva Walker authored a second GoFundMe page.

“Hi,” Eva wrote. “I have been flooded with hundreds of messages asking me to continue fundraising. So you can all show your support for Xander. Two news articles have already been written about the campaign! You guys sure are amazing!”

On the rebooted page, Eva once again explained why she is passionate about crowning Xander Hastings as the unofficial winner.

“I think the majority vote of Survivor fans nationwide would be that Xander was a great player with an even greater heart of gold,” she said. “He displayed such sincere emotion and kindness towards his fellow castaways. He was a true joy to watch. As many of you know, Survivor has gotten rid of the fan-favorite award. I thought it would be a fun idea if we the fans gave Xander, who’s currently a college student, the Fan Favorite Award ourselves!”

The revived effort is hoping to reach the $100,000 award that Survivor got rid of in Season 41, just as the original did. The creator noted that 100% of the proceeds would go to her favorite castaway. The page launched yesterday and, at the time of writing, it had earned $155.