‘Survivor 41’: Full Episode 5 Recap as Ricard Sends a Loyal Supporter Home in Crazy Episode

by Joe Rutland

Shan and Ricard have some dissension between them and Ricard shipped a loyal friend home on Wednesday’s episode of “Survivor 41.”

Let’s take a look at what went down, Outsiders, with some help from TV Line.

So, looking at tribe Ua, Genie said she was reassured that she’s not on the bottom of the tribe. Genie finds the hidden-once-again- Beware advantage. She runs and tells Shan and Ricard the news.

She then finds the re-“hidden” Beware advantage, and immediately runs to tell Shan and Ricard!

Shan gets them to leave the advantage behind. But Shan loses her vote and gives her extra to Ricard.

They tell Genie they’re going to say the secret phrase anyway. Then they’re going to see if Luvu found their piece of the advantage on “Survivor 41.”

‘Survivor 41’ Shows Us How Naseer Found The Advantage’s Third Part

Shan and Xander talk about how delirious they’ve gotten out in the elements. Naseer stops Jeff Probst to say he’s as confused as a goat on AstroTurf.

They go back in time on “Survivor 41” and show how Naseer found the advantage’s third part.

This means three idols have entered the game. In the challenge, Yase picks Shan and Liana.

Shan and Liana immediately swap secrets, and as two women of color, they promise to watch each other’s backs.

Ricard plants a story to Genie, throwing Shan under the bus. In reality, he and Shan can easily vote out Genie, and he doesn’t need to work this much overtime. Genie, meanwhile, thinks she and Shan are voting out Ricard.

Ricard Tells Host Jeff Probst That He’s Deciding Between Shan and Genie

Ricard tells Jeff that he’s trying to decide between “the closer” like Shan and someone loyal like Genie. On “Survivor 41,” she says Shan is the one in the power position, but Shan knows that the other two spent a lot of time together this afternoon.

They vote. Jeff tallies. No advantages or idols are played, and Genie is sent packing 2-1. Obvious outcome? Well, yeah. But next week all bets are off.

If you watch the show regularly, then you know it took off last year. That’s because of COVID-19.

Jeff Probst was teasing about gameplay changes in recent months. Well, some of those happened to unravel ahead of the first show.

Probst did not think those changes will be the most shocking this season. What did he say? His guess is people will be surprised by how fresh the series will be for TV viewers.

He said in an interview with Paramount+ that it does feel fresh.

“And I felt it,” Probst said. “The players feel current, but not in the way that they’re current because it’s 2021. They just, it just, felt different.”