‘Survivor’ 41: Full Recap of Episode 7

by Taylor Cunningham

On tonight’s episode of Survivor 41, Erika is back from Exile Island. And as we all expected, she smashed the hourglass.

Last week, Erika Capsupanan was banished to Exile Island for two days after sitting out a challenge. And she and Heather, Xander, Shan, Tiffany, and Lianawere were at risk of being voted off. But in a twist, Jeff Probst visited the island and gave Ericka an hourglass.

Erika had a choice to make, smash the hourglass or leave it in one piece. If she smashed it, she’d turn back the hands of time and reverse the results of last week’s challenge. So the people who were at risk would all of a sudden have immunity. If she didn’t, the game would continue as is, and no one would be the wiser. Of course, she chose to turn back the hands of time.

As the show opened, Erika revealed the decision she made on Exile Island—and her announcement was met with mixed emotions among the newly at-risk players. Danny was pumped to prove himself in the surprise challenge, Deshawn felt a little stoic about the situation, and everyone else was displeased with the news.

But Survivor 41 isn’t fair or predictable, so Danny, Deshawn, Naseer, Sydney, Evvie, and Ricard had to compete for immunity nonetheless.

To gain immunity, the five players had to compete in the classic feet stack challenge. Using only their feet, everyone had to release a rope and stack a series of blocks into a three-tiered structure. Evvie was almost the winner, but her blocks tumbled just as she was placing her flag on the structure. In the end, Ricard won immunity and became a member of the final 11 survivors.

Choas at ‘Survivor 41’ Tribal Council

On day 14, it looked like Evvie was gonna get the boot. But Xander has her back. He told Tiffany that he’d give Evvie his idol if they tried voting her out. And the rest of the players were worried about Liana’s Knowledge Is Power advantage. If she pulled her card, she could steal Xander’s idol. So no one wanted to waste a vote on the wrong person or burn bridges with their allies.

Xander then decided to play some mind games before the tribal council meeting. He told Danny that he planned to keep Evvie safe, and then he shared the intel on Liana’s advantage because he knows that Danny will immediately spill the beans to Liana. And of course, Xander was right. And once Liana hears the news, she hatches a plan of her own.

During the council, Liana decided to use her advantage. And she fell right into Xander’s trap. When she asked Xander to hand over his idol, he smiled and gave her a fake idol. That’s right, Xander crafted a fake idol and used it to rob Liana of her advantage.

Everyone ended up falling into a chaos of confusion and distrust. And by the end, Sydney ended up going home.