‘Survivor 41’: How Liana Wallace Feels About Xander’s ‘Secret’ Crush on Her

by Amy Myers

How do you react to the fact that one of your most threatening competitors has a major crush on you? Well, if you’re like Survivor 41 contestant Liana Wallace, you show no mercy. After she found out that Xander Hastings was harboring some feelings for her, it didn’t change the fact that she couldn’t stand looking at his face. Wallace still wanted him off the show and out of her way.

But, as we know, that’s not how things went for the current jury member. Wallace’s journey on Survivor 41 came to an end after a devastating tribal council caught her off-guard and completely uprooted her plans to eliminate Hastings.

Now, looking back at how she played the game, Wallace admitted that Xander’s confession didn’t change how she felt about him in the moment – not even a little. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, the Survivor 41 star spoke to the dynamic with her competitor and the secret crush.

“Yeah, I was just laughing at that,” Wallace shared. “I was like, ‘Oh my God, that is the cherry on top — that this entire time he has this little crush on me.’ But at that point, I’m so fed up with him. I’m like, ‘I don’t care how big of a crush you have on me, I just want you out of the game.’ So that was a funny dynamic. I think it’s a fun thing for people to watch and see, because it makes our season interesting, but that really like just made me laugh. I was like, ‘Oh my God, this game.'”

Unfortunately for Hastings, it seems that the feeling isn’t mutual.

‘Survivor 41’ Star Still Respects Hastings

Although she might not get butterflies around her Survivor 41 competitor, now that she’s off the show, she does see Hastings in a different light. While it was difficult to watch him and the other season stars from the jury, she understood that a lot of her previous ill feelings came from the game. Still, that didn’t make the elimination any easier on her.

“It was hard,” Wallace admitted. “But I think Xander played an amazing game, and what’s awesome about our relationship is that we both saw exactly what the other one was, and we saw how much each of us was a threat. So I respect the hell out of him. It does suck to be on the jury, but I played my hardest, he played his hardest, and he got farther than me in the end.”

Perhaps in the future, this means there’s a possibility for a friendship between the former Survivor 41 competitors. But as for right now, it seems Wallace is content with having some space from Hastings.