‘Survivor 41’: Full Recap of Episode 3

by Joe Rutland

“Survivor 41” was, once again, a battle of wits as well as strength in the season’s third episode titled “My Million Dollar Mistake.”

For starters, according to an article from TVLine, JD offered Shan an extra vote. Why? This was done after the “Mafia pastor” narced on him for hiding something in his shorts. This ticked off Shan and Ricard that their alliance partner kept a secret. JD knew he had to do something.

It could have gone either way for JD. But it worked.

Tiffany wakes up with a Beware advantage under her nose. She has to get on a boat at night to make a decision. If she chooses not to do so, then she loses her next vote at Tribal.

‘Survivor 41’ Finds Brad and Gene With Idol Advantage, Join Sydney On Boat To Island

Brad and Genie found the idol advantage on “Survivor 41”. Then Brad tells Shan and spills the beans about his first advantage! Now, Brad made a mistake in giving Shan some info.

Brad, Tiffany, and Sydney hop on the boat to a small, torch-lit island. They have a choice: Tarp for their tribe or a steal-a-vote advantage. If all three choose the tarp, all tribes will get the tarp. If all players choose the steal-a-vote, they’ll all lose their vote at the next Tribal. A split decision? All players who choose the tarp receive nothing, while the others will win the steal-a-vote.

The results? Sydney and Tiffany get nothing. Brad earns the steal-a-vote.

Immunity is back up for grabs, but Brad talks about his weight loss. He calls himself a little broccoli tree (botching the entire line, but A for effort, Brad!). Xander repeats the bit about his dead butterfly relatives.

In the challenge, players must swim out and cross a rope bridge hanging over the water. They dig up sandbags and land them on high platforms. Immunity and a tray of fresh fruit are on the line.

Brad Discovers His Idol Is Powerless and Foreshadows What’s About To Happen

On the ropes, Luvu crushes it and pulls way ahead, while Yase picks up the rear. Luvu finishes first, while Xander lands Yase’s bags and wins them immunity!

Brad’s idol is powerless. He cannot vote but wants JD out. “Survivor 41” is heating up.

It’s Tribal Council time and the subject of trust comes up. Shan says it’s hard to rebuild trust once it’s broken.

JD tells host Jeff Probst how “Survivor” built him up and gave him the confidence he needed in life.

It’s time to vote. JD writes down “BRAD” before Jeff starts tallying. Probst reads the votes and Brad goes home.