‘Survivor 41’ Recap: See Who Remains Ahead of Next Week’s Finale

by Victoria Santiago
(Photo by Rich Polk/Getty Images for IMDb)

We’re in the home stretch of Survivor 41. Who do you think will win the million-dollar prize? In preparation for next week’s finale, let’s recap.

Over the past few weeks, the Tribal Council has been unpredictable, and that doesn’t seem to be changing. So close to the finale, alliances are shifting constantly, be it good or bad. The only way to ensure a favorable outcome is to win the immunity necklace.

Deshawn remains upset about last week’s vote. He was hoping on sitting in the Final 3 with Liana and Danny. Danny has problems of his own to dwell on, especially since Xander agreed to vote against Ricard but didn’t keep his word. While Ricard is telling Erica how loyal Xander is, Xander is explaining his need to keep Ricard in the game for another round. And, surprise surprise, it has nothing to do with being loyal.

Camp, Strategy, and Tribal Council before the Finale

At Tribal Council, Deshawn is thanked for sharing his issues. Heather admits that she knows nothing about the struggles Deshawn goes through and apologizes. Heather is often criticized for her gameplay but makes up for it with her capacity for empathy.

During the reward challenge, players are divided into two teams – Ricard, Heather, and Danny against Deshawn, Xander, and Erica. The players must dive and release a set of buoys, collect them, and then swim to a platform where they must then sink the buoys into a basket. The challenge is close as Xander and Ricard sink the first basket for their teams, respectively. Then, Deshawn sinks the last two baskets and wins the challenge. The reward could either be grilled chicken or sweet pastries. The winning team chose chicken.

At camp, Deshawn, Xander, and Erica discuss getting Ricard out. While they’re doing that, Danny is on the search for the idol. The others suspect he found it.

Danny is aware that he’ll be voted against, along with Deshawn. Danny declines to answer when asked if he found an idol, and as it turns out, he didn’t. We know this because Ricard searched his bag anyway. Xander argues to keep Danny, but Heather argues to keep Deshawn. Deshawn hasn’t won an immunity yet, but he did win them the reward challenge. Erika thinks that out of the two, Danny is less of a threat. But she still vouches for Deshawn.

At Tribal Council, the players are split between Danny and Deshawn. The first vote is tied 3-3 between them. After voting again, Danny is chosen to be sent to jury. The episode ends with the host, Jeff, saying that the remaining players will spend the rest of their time on a new island with no shelter and few supplies.