‘Survivor 41’ Tribe Deals With Aftermath of Shan’s Exit and Has an Emotional Tribal Council

by Jonathan Howard
Photo: Robert Voets/CBS Entertainment 2021 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Last week was a big episode of Survivor 41 with the shocking result of the tribal council. Shan Smith was voted out and a lot more. This might have been one of the most emotional episodes of the season.

Things haven’t been flawless this season, but it has been interesting. This one involved the “Cookout” alliance and a lot of feelings were shared. Liana, Deshawn, and Danny were all passionate when speaking with the Tribal Council. Viewers were treated to a lot of drama and mixed feelings. Balancing an alliance based on culture and shared experiences among the Black players while also playing a game of deceit and backstabbing, takes a toll.

So the Survivor 41 episode tonight went like this. Liana was not happy to be left out of Shan’s plans. While the rest of the alliance tried to explain what was actually going on, it didn’t matter. She just wanted to get some revenge. Shan was more than just another player. She had a feeling of power and authority on the show. However, anyone can get voted out at any given time.

Liana shared her feelings about being on the show. “Everywhere I go as a Black woman, I’m a Black woman first… There’s no question that we’re coming out of a year like 2020 where people are just now becoming conscious of the fact that being Black actually means something. It has this currency that can kill you… literally kill you. Coming here to play this is about uplifting other Black people and giving Black people something to root for, [aside from] everything else that’s out there that’s killing us.”

It was more than just Liana who shared their feelings at Council. Deshawn was brought to tears as well. A powerful moment on Survivor 41.

‘Survivor 41’ Emotional Tribal Council Results in Another Elimination

Yet another Survivor 41 castaway has been voted off and placed on the jury. Shan was last week and we saw the repercussions of that this week. Things are getting testy and no one knows exactly who they can trust around them. It is causing a lot of confusion and a lot of uncertainty.

After all the tears and talking, the emotions and the friendships had to take a backseat. So, as Jeff gets things started, Deshawn has a decision to make. He chooses between three boxes. One with a fire symbol and two others with skulls. After making his selection, it turns out a flame is in the box he chose. Then, it was time to vote.

Eight votes were cast, and Xander used his extra vote advantage. Ricard wrote Liana’s name down. Danny voted for Ricard. Once everything was tallied, Liana was voted off 5-3. Survivor 41 continues and there aren’t many players left.