‘Survivor 41’: Shan Smith Reveals Her Thoughts About the Game Show After Being Voted Off

by Jacklyn Krol

Survivor 41 has been a crazy journey with Shan Smith being voted off the island.

In a new interview with Parade, Smith spoke about her thoughts about all aspects of the reality competition series.

When asked why she didn’t feel the need to play the idol in her pocket, she admitted that she wasn’t feeling secure. After DeShawn swore on the culture that he would vote with her and then Liana approached her to warn her that they were all coming for her, it was quite the mess.

“But even then, I circled back to them and said, ‘Let’s stick together.’ For me, when he swore on the mission that way, I was so locked in,” she explained.

She revealed that they didn’t show her after the challenge. In reality, she was getting sick the majority of the time. After the pivotal conversation, she was with the medics until ten minutes before the Tribal.

“So when I got to Tribal, I was trying to recover from my visit to medical,” she shared. “I wasn’t trying to read the room. I know people are asking, ‘Did she not play her idol because of ego?’ No! If I had been on that beach that day, I probably would have played my idol. But I wasn’t around. It was a fantastic episode! It made me weep. I’m still in my feels about it!

Despite the network not airing her sickness, she still believes that the competition is aired in a true and authentic way.

Shan’s Biggest ‘Survivor 41’ Takeaways

A moment that fans didn’t catch in full was during the Survivor 41 pregame. Jeff Probst and Smith spoke after she was questioning her abilities in the game. He gave her a wise piece of advice that made her gain confidence.

“He said to me, ‘Shan, you can cry all you want now. But when you get on that beach, you pop open that top and let that S on your chest show. You become Supergirl; you become Wonder Woman at that moment.’ And I really took that to heart. He’s like, ‘Remember, this is your game. This is your show.'”

One of the pivotal points in the game was Smith’s father-daughter relationship with Brad. She confirmed that the love that she has for him is real and was not part of the game. She learned how to make fire and cook fish with him. Genie is still her best friend “to this day” and JD she considers her little brother.

Looking Back at the Game

All in all, Smith knows that she was a “boss on that beach” and a strategizer.

I’m going to play! I came to play Survivor. I didn’t come to become anyone’s ‘yes woman’ and agree with everyone. But I came to play my game and play it well,” she said. As for the fan comments calling her “bossy” she believes that it is uncalled for.

“I think if any other man was playing, I don’t think that they get told they’re bossy,” she explained. “I’m a leader in every space that I occupy. That doesn’t mean that I don’t listen.”

She noted that if she didn’t listen and take into consideration the options, she wouldn’t have gotten this far.

“I had an opinion; now, we can go back and forth about our opinion. And at the end of the day, I sided with them every time. I gave them what they wanted.”