‘Survivor 41’: Shantel Smith Opens Up About Being Called ‘Bossy’ on the Show

by Samantha Whidden

Following her departure from Survivor 41, contestant Shantel Smith opened up about her “bossy” behavior while on the competitive series. 

While chatting with Parade, the Survivor 41 contestant stated she knew she was definitely being a boss on the beach. “I’m never gonna say I wasn’t a boss. I don’t know if I was bossy. But I was definitely the one strategizing.”

Smith further shared that if any other man was playing on Survivor, she doesn’t think they would get told they’re bossy. “I’m a leader in every space that I occupy. That doesn’t mean that I don’t listen. If I didn’t listen, I wouldn’t have gotten this far in the game.”

Smith also used fellow Survivor 41 contestant Tiffany Seely as an example. “If you had seen Tiffany, she was running around that beach, trying to gather numbers, you could call her bossy. But she’s not; she’s just playing her game.”

Smith then explained that Ricard Foyé would be one to say something about her. “Because we worked together a lot. But there were times where I felt bossed around by Ricard. Like using my extra vote. But I went through with it because it’s good for my game.”

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While chatting about her collaboration with fellow Survivor 41 contestant Ricard Foyé, Shantel Smith stated the duo were together from Day One. “I just kind of fell in love with him,” Smith explained. “Nobody wanted to work with Ricard on Ua.”

Smith also note that even going into the merge, Foyé had a hard time making relationships. She also felt like he was misunderstood by Genie, Brad, and J.D. She continued to say she saw something in Foyé and she believes in what he shared with her about his life. “And there was something about Ricard, where we could stand toe to toe as competitors and as game players. When I wanted to strategize, he wanted to strategize. It was such an interesting relationship.”

Smith then called Ricard her husband of the Survivor island. “We would fight, we would bicker. But at the end of the day, we were gonna move together no matter what.”

Despite their snaps and the frustration between them, both Survivor contestants remained loyal to each there. “At the end of the day, we would say, ‘I love you, let’s do this.’ We would move together. So it was a complicated relationship. But that’s my boo.”

Smith went on to add that she had a lot of fun playing with Foyé. “And his move was probably one of the best moves of the season.”