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‘Survivor’ 41 Star Explains Exactly How They Were Tricked

by Jonathan Howard
Photo: Robert Voets/CBS Entertainment 2021 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Another week of Survivor 41, and another double-elimination. The contestants were split into two tribal councils once more. Now, two more contestants have been put on the jury.

When the tribes got split up last week, there were feelings that the stakes were rising. Those with powers and advantages need to use them. Those in alliances need to sure up the bonds and make sure they know what the game plan is. While it looked like Shan Smith was losing her grip on the game, it turns out she is in firm control.

Last week showed us that Naseer Muttalif wanted to make moves. He thought he had the votes to beat out Shan, however, he didn’t. The two got put into the same council and Shan was able to get rid of Naseer and his hidden idol. Despite sitting in the middle of two alliances, Naseer found himself on the losing end of the vote and was sent out of the group. He had some thoughts about his exit on Survivor 41.

“So when Evvie and Tiffany came, year, that’s great, but at the same time, they’re still trying to work out their stuff from Yase tribe. So they’re confused as a goat! {Laughs] Then I do not trust anybody in Luvu, so finally, I felt like I was connected with Shan because I had a pretty good relationship with [my] religious leaders. She talked about religion a lot. So I’m like, ‘You know, that is how I grew up. Religious leaders sometimes have to have a little bit of [loyalty].’ So I’m like, ‘That’s a great person to trust.’ But I think that was the biggest mistake. But we are on Survivor. Anybody can do anything, right? So you had to take it as fun, enjoy, and keep moving forward.”

‘Survivor 41’ Naseer Muttalif Loved Being on the Show

One thing was clear, Survivor 41 player Naseer loved being on the show. He was a positive force his entire time. He played the game how he thought it should be played. That meant he made alliances and held onto his immunity idol how he saw fit. Muttalif explained how much he liked being on the show.

“I enjoyed and appreciated every single second I was out there and it was a great opportunity,” he explained. There was never any negative or mean play from Naseer. He kept things under control and tried to maneuver around Shan and her power. Now, it looks like there will have to be someone else to take Smith and her alliance down if that is possible.

Survivor 41 continues this season and things are getting serious. With back-to-back weeks of double-eliminations, it shows that the heat has been turned up on the players.