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‘Survivor 41’ Winner Erika Casupanan Had Victory in Mind Years Before Appearing on Show

by Taylor Cunningham
Photo: Robert Voets/CBS Entertainment 2021 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

An old video of Survivor 41’s winner recently surfaced. And it looks like she’s been a lion in lamb’s clothing for years.

The clip was posted on Twitter by Sole Survivor Erika Casupanan herself. As she wrote in the caption, she’ll “probably never” release her actual audition video because “even though it’s life-changing,” she still thinks it’s “so awkward.”

But she did stumble upon the little clip below. And because she thought her followers would “get a kick out of it,” she was willing to share.

In it, Casupanan stands on a rock and proclaims, “Hey, CBS, I’m a lion dressed as a lamb. And I’m gonna be the next—NO! I’m gonna be the first—Canadian winner of Survivor.”

Of course, anyone who watched Survivor 41 knows that Erika Casupanan based her whole game on the idea that she was “a lion dressed as a lamb.” She actually said those words on camera a few times. Casupanan also made similar comments about how she seemed so sweet on the surface. But in reality, she was a tough corporate girl, which meant her opponents would underestimate her.

And the other castaways certainly did underestimate her. And because of that, Casupanan practically breezed through the season with little effort. Though, that could have been all show, too.

But considering the fact that Erika Casupanan filmed the clip years before her Survivor 41 victory, we can guess that she’s been planning her strategy all along. And once she made it to the Island, she was beyond prepared to dominate the game.

The Shortened ‘Survivor 41’ Season was a Hit

Apparently, Survivor 41’s shortened gameplay was a hit with both the players and producers. And because of that, we may never see a 39 day season again.

As host Jeff Probst told TV Line, he had to shave 13 days off of filming because they had to shoot two seasons back to back. And instead of giving producers a headache, the rushed schedule was actually nice. So now, they may want to continue with that structure for upcoming seasons.

“It’s still too early to decide if we would ever go back to 39 days, but I will say that we do believe in the 26-day schedule,” he added. “And as you’ll hear during the Survivor After Show, the players fully agree that 26 days still gave them absolutely everything they wanted from their Survivor adventure.”