‘Survivor’ Alum Reiman Bledsoe Opens Up About Behind the Scenes Selection Process

by Anna Dunn
Photo: Robert Voets/CBS Entertainment 2021 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Survivor alumni Reiman (Spencer) Bledsoe recently opened up about what the behind-the-scenes selection process is like. He discussed what he feels needs to change during the said selection process. A fan asked what needs to happen in order to protect the mental health of the contestants during a Reddit AMA.

“Psych evals being taken way more seriously in casting. On paper, they give personality tests and do interviews with the show psychologists to ensure that everyone cast is mentally fit for the show. But in practice, a lot of what they’re doing is casting for conflict and covering their bases for liability. There have been many people cast on Survivor who were not nearly stable enough for the experience, and production/casting needs to take some responsibility for that,” he wrote.

Psych evals are an important part of the selection process. But according to Bledsoe, they should be taken into account even more.

One Recent ‘Survivor’ Contestant Also Has a Bone To Pick with The Show

Another Survivor contestant, Danny McCray from the most recent season, is still frustrated with a twist that cost him and his team safety. The twist put two sides of the island against each other in a challenge. Those winners were told that they were safe at tribal.

But then, Erika, who was sent into isolation before the games began, was given the power to reverse that decision. Reversing it would give immunity to herself and the losing team, which she did. Of course, it’s not Erika’s fault. But McCray had a major problem with how that twist played out in the game this year. And he’s still fed up with it.

McCray still ended up going pretty far in the season and has noted he probably wouldn’t play again thanks to twists like this one.

“I wouldn’t say I was yelling at Jeff or anything like that,” McCray said. “If you go out there and say, ‘Hey man, this is what’s happening,’ kind of like the Do or Die twist, then I can accept that. But when you are the person that says, ‘Work hard, dig hard, you have to earn everything this season on Survivor,’ and then you earn it, really just to not really earn it, it didn’t sit well with me. Being a competitor, it was difficult for me to process.”

Many Survivor fans have been fed up with all the twists and extra fanfare. But that doesn’t mean the show is doing poorly. It was CBS’s top-rated fall program. It still gets plenty of viewers and supportive fans each season.

Season 42 of Survivor is right around the corner. It’ll air on Wednesday, March 9th on CBS. Until then, you can always catch re-runs of the hit show on Paramount +.