‘Survivor’ Alum Reiman Bledsoe Reveals Why He Changed His Name

by Liz Holland
(Photo by Mike Windle/Getty Images)

Former “Survivor” contestant Reiman Bledsoe took to Reddit recently to answer some of the internet’s burning questions. Bledsoe competed on both Season 28 and 31 of “Survivor.”

With an experience like that, he certainly has some interesting stories and insight to share. Before Bledsoe dived in he answered one question people who know him from his time on TV ask him often. 

For fans who watched Bledsoe on “Survivor,” they came to know him as Spencer Bledsoe. However, he no longer goes by his given name. Before opening the thread up to questions, he addressed his name change to Reiman from Spencer. “There are multiple reasons, so the answer isn’t super concise, but here goes. I like the way ‘Reiman’ sounds when I say it,” he explains. 

Bledsoe continues, “It used to be my middle name, and it makes me feel connected to my extended family, who were always a loving reprieve from the chaos of my primary home growing up. I also never felt connected to the name ‘Spencer,’ which was decided by my mom on a whim for no particular reason.”

Reiman says his time on “Survivor” changed him, and his old name no longer felt like a good fit. “I feel like it’s cool for names to have some meaning, and about two years ago, having changed a lot personality-wise since Survivor, I realized I liked the meaning and feel of ‘Reiman’ more than that of ‘Spencer.'”

He clarifies, “I also see them both as just names, and am not bothered by any means when I’m called Spencer. I do prefer Reiman, though, and this is why!”

Reiman Bledsoe Answers Creative Questions From ‘Survivor’ Fans

The star also answered some insightful questions from fans of the show. One fan asked if Bledsoe felt that another contestant of the show, Tasha, was underrated. Bledsoe replied, “Yes. There seems to be tremendous bias to assume that zero-vote finalists are worse than they are. Viewers seem to forget that the show’s narrative was literally constructed in order to create a satisfying story, meaning that most of the audience is satisfied with the end result. I’m just lucky that they used me as the doubt for Jeremy’s win, which made my edit pretty good (save for the finale episode, yuck)”

He also detailed what he would want his last meal to be to one commenter. Bledsoe told the redditor he’d want blackened salmon, buttered sweet potatoes, and yuka fries. He also said steamed broccoli, but then added, “ (okay, maybe if it’s my last meal scratch the broccoli and throw in some creme brulee).” Bledsoe was sure to specify he would want everything cooked with olive oil.