‘Survivor’ Beats Competition for Key Demo Ratings, But Drops in Total Viewership

by Joe Rutland

CBS’ hit reality show “Survivor” scored a Wednesday night ratings win against other competition, yet saw total viewership numbers drop.

What does it all mean, Outsiders? Let’s take a look at the data from a TV Insider article on Thursday.

“Survivor” posted a 0.9 rating in the key demo area. Fox reality show “The Masked Singer” also picked up the same demo rating, too. Both of those shows also had viewership drops from their premiere week.

What about the overall winner on Wednesday night in the ratings? Give it to Dick Wolf. The creative mind and executive producer of the “Chicago” franchise on NBC saw all three shows finish 1-2-3. “Chicago Fire” with 7.08 million viewers, “Chicago Med” with 6.46 million, and “Chicago P.D.” at 6.06 million topped the TV charts.

‘Survivor’ Managed to Finish Fourth in Wednesday Night Ratings in Viewer Totals

“Survivor,” “The Masked Singer,” and CBS’s “Big Brother” followed in the 4-5-6 slots.

Other shows in the Wednesday night TV schedule were a little off from their premieres a week earlier.

They included ABC’s “The Wonder Years,” “The Conners,” “The Goldbergs,” “Home Economics,” and “A Million Little Things.”

Fox show “Alter Ego” also found itself a little bit off from its premiere week.

Jeff Probst is back for another season as host of “Survivor.” This new season is the show’s 41st on CBS. With it also comes a changing of the times.

Probst is quite aware of this and thought one of his sayings, “Come on in guys!”, needs to be ditched.

Probst Asked Contestants If Oft-Used Phrase Should Stay or Go From His Vocabulary

“For 20 years, I have used one phrase to call people in for challenges,” Probst said on the first episode this season. “I love saying it. It’s part of the show. But I too want to be of the moment. In the context of ‘Survivor,’ is a word like guys OK? Or is it time to retire that word?”

His questions were aimed at the new contestants this season.

Evvie Jagoda, one of the new competitors this season on “Survivor,” offered her thoughts on it.

“I personally think guys is OK,” she said. “‘Come in guys’ is such a signature expression. I, as a woman, as a queer woman, do not feel excluded by guys.”

Another competitor spoke up, though, with a differing opinion.

“The reality is ‘Survivor’ has changed over the last 21 years, and those changes have allowed all of us, all of these brown people, Black people, Asian people, so many queer people, to be here simultaneously,” Ricard Foyé said.

With that comment, Probst said he’d never use that phrase again. Tune in next Wednesday to see if he keeps his word.