‘Survivor’ Castaways Have to Abide by These Super Strict Rules

by Michael Freeman

Premiering in 2000, Survivor has changed its format and added new twists as the years went on. However, one consistent thing in the series is how strict rules for castaways are.

Some of the rules and regulations are a bit obvious, such as castaways signing a contract allowing constant filming and “no expectations of privacy,” US Magazine reports. The rules extend even when the cast is voted off the island. Though they technically leave the island, they don’t go home until the season concludes and stay with production staff somewhere else. Further, agreeing to share the winnings with another contestant is not allowed. They can’t even disclose behind-the-scenes information until at least three years after their season airs.

That handful of rules is just the tip of the iceberg. For instance, contestants are given only essentials like sunscreen, feminine products, and contact lens solutions. They also receive fresh drinking water. Though they catch their own food, they must run it by the crew to ensure it’s safe to consume.

Castaways may bring one bag to camp with any clothes they want. Nonetheless, the crew goes through the bags, and any logos are removed. The colors must also look good on camera and contestants can’t wear identical colors. Finally, if production wants a person to fit a certain role, they’re assigned different clothing. A “smarter” player may be asked to wear a sweater, for example.

As for what they cannot bring, razors, hairbrushes, toiletries, and toothbrushes are forbidden. Certain island areas are off-limits and regarding communication, they can talk to crew members, but the crew cannot respond. Finally, when traveling to and from challenges or a tribal council, castaways may not speak to one another.

Former NFL Player Talks About Joining ‘Survivor’

One of Survivor’s most interesting aspects is the cast of people on the show. This year a former NFL star joined the show and talks about how much he wanted to join.

Former Dallas Cowboy safety Danny McCray talked to ESPN about the show and said once he discovered it, he was hooked. “I wasn’t into Netflix or anything yet and I’m scrolling through and I just started watching, I believe it was Season 15 or 16. I watched the first episode and then I binge-watched it all day and night. My wife got home from work and she started watching but she went to sleep. I stayed up till like 5 in the morning.”

More than that though, watching the show solidified his ambition to join it. Amusingly, he told his wife about wanting to enter and she initially was not having it. “Funny story, as I was watching I told her, ‘I’m going on the show,’ and she continued to say no. We got married in 2019 and she was like, ‘I’m ready. I want you to go do it.”

Currently a handful of episodes into the new season, time will tell how McCray fares.