‘Survivor’ Contestant Deshawn Radden Makes a Big Gamble But Did it Pay Off?

by Jonathan Howard

Sometimes when you go for broke things don’t end up going the way you think they are. Survivor contestant Deshawn Radden experienced that last episode.

When it comes to tribal council, things don’t always go well. However, many times there are admissions and reconciliations that happen. Players open up and speak their minds and hearts around the fire many times. We have already seen a very emotional council earlier this season. Our friends at Cinema Blend helped us out with a quick recap of everything that went down Wednesday night.

As the council formed yet again on Wednesday night, Deshawn Radden thought he was going home, clearly. It was down to Radden and ally Danny McCray, or at least that is how it looked. This vote solidified the final five and before anyone cast a vote, Radden decided to let it all out. When you don’t have a lot going on in terms of positive momentum, you can try to tear others down at the same time.

Radden started going into a tirade against just about everyone at the council. Was it a strategic move? He might have thought so while he did it. Did it really help Radden at all? Well, not really, at least not yet. Was it awesome television? For sure!

Deshawn Radden Causes Chaos At Tribal Council

Any time a Survivor contestant takes a gamble like this, it is to cause chaos. The final five or so is when alliances get very shaky. It becomes clear that not everyone can be picked as the winner. So, Deshawn opened up and spoke his mind. In the process, he called out Erika for working behind the scenes against her ally Heather. Then he called out EVERYONE for not getting Ricard out of the game sooner. When the vote came back tied, the contestant rolled his eyes in frustration and disbelief.

Despite his outburst against his Survivor contestants, Radden found that his torch was still lit by the end of the night. That surprised just about everyone involved including those folks sitting at home watching. While he thought he was on his own and out the door, now he does have a bit of an advantage. He has effectively torn the fabric apart that was holding these alliances together. Radden is responsible for taking out Shan Smith and might be hoping he had targeted Ricard sooner.

While the game is anyone’s to win or lose, Radden has set the tone. The end of the season won’t be full of niceties and kindness it seems.

‘Survivor’ Wins Key Demo in Rating Battle

When it comes to Wednesday nights, Survivor is a hard show to beat. However, NBC’s One Chicago franchise does a good job keeping up. Chicago Fire was able to snag the most views on the midweek hump day.

Over 5.5 million people tuned in to watch Deshawn’s ranting and the wild end to the episode. Despite not reaching numbers that Fire had pulled in, they were able to win the key demo with a 0.9 rating. That’s impressive. Read the numbers here.