‘Survivor’ Contestant Deshawn Radden Reveals Cause of Dramatic New Look

by Jonathan Howard

While Deshawn Radden was able to make it into another week of Survivor, he is back home already and sharing his new look after the island.

The medical student had to change things up. After spending so much time on an island in Fiji, Deshawn has made a big change to his look. Fans will know the contestant from his hard-fought time on the show.

This week, he made a big show at tribal council, however, this new look has me more surprised than anything he did on Survivor. Check out the Instagram post below and see for yourself.

Deshawn has shaved all of his hair off! You’re seeing that right. The contestant explained exactly why he had to do what he did.

“FUN FACT: After filming Survivor, I had to go bald for a while! An understated consequence of living on an island is sand becomes stuck to your scalp. I washed and scrubbed my scalp so many times to no avail, so eventually, I had to cut it off! The bald head was sorta poppin tho… See y’all tonight!”

Radden put the message out before last night’s episode. So heading into it, fans weren’t sure what his fate was going to be. They definitely didn’t see the rant that he would go on. Now, the final five of Survivor are on high alert and know the shady things the others have been up to.

‘Survivor’ Is Set with Final Five

The last episode was very consequential. It looked like it was down to two contestants as far as who would be voted off the show. Deshawn was allied with Danny McCray heading into the episode. It appears both of them were ready to face the reality ahead. By the end of the night, one of them would be voted off the show.

So, the Survivor tribal council gathered and everyone knew what was up. After one vote, it was tied. However, votes weren’t cast until after Deshawn made an all-or-nothing attempt at shaking things up. He started to unload with everything he knew about all the other contestants.

During his rant, he pointed out that Erika was working against Heather. Then he complained about how everyone failed to get rid of Ricard when they had a chance. After the vote was tied, the tribe had to do it all over again. It was clear that it was Danny or Deshawn.

By the time the Survivor votes were tallied a second time, it was revealed who would have their torch extinguished. It was Danny. Deshawn lived to survive another day. And, he’s going to need a lot of luck to make it through to the end.