‘Survivor’ Contestant Evvie Jagoda Explains Why She Didn’t Vote for Xander Hastings

by Anna Dunn

In a recent interview, Survivor contestant Evvie Jagoda explained why she didn’t vote for Xander Hastings at the end of the season. Evvie was a part of Xander’s Tribe in Survivor 41 and did work with him at length. But ultimately, she decided to give her vote to Erica.

Some fans were confused about why Erika Casupanan got the vote at the end over Xander Hastings. Xander had a lot of moves during the game, but so did Erika, she just didn’t get as much screentime.

The vote between the final three came down to a 7-1-0 split. Xander got none of the votes, and Deshawn Radden revived a single vote from his close ally, Danny. On a recent episode of The Specialists podcast, Jagoda broke down why the vote fell that way, and why she ultimately put her previous allegiances with Xander aside and voted for Erika.

“In general, my logic as a juror was, ‘I want to vote for the person who I think played the best game’ — right? So I think [with] a lot of people @-ing me, ‘You and Xander went through everything together,’ I was never going to vote based on who is my best friend. I always wanted to vote for who I thought played the best game. So fundamentally, I thought Erika played the best game. It honestly, for me, ended up not being a hard decision at all over who to vote for,” she explained.

Jagoda Also Said that ‘Survivor’ Contestants Saw a Different Side of Xander Hastings

In the CBS edit, fans got to see an interesting version of Xander Hastings who appeared competent and perceptive. But, regardless of how much people liked Hastings, his fellow competitors didn’t see him that way at all.

“I do also think there’s something to be said when you have seen someone’s whole game…you see a lot. So I think, especially for Xander, I saw a lot of the good and I saw a lot of the bad,” she explained. “Especially on Yase, I felt like there was so much of the time where he – from what I saw – didn’t know what was going on…I feel like there was an uphill battle that he had to achieve for me to think of him as a good player because for so long I felt like he didn’t know what was going on in the game.”

According to Cinamablend, Xander has admitted that his jury management really wasn’t the best. And that was a huge factor in why, at the end of the game, he got no votes.

Survivor 41 May be over, but there’s a new season on the horizon. Survivor 42 will come out in the spring and welcome in a new cast.