‘Survivor’ Contestant Reflects on That Controversial Hourglass Twist

by Jacklyn Krol

Survivor winner Erika Casupanan spoke about the hourglass twist and how it affected her big win.

In an interview with TV Line, she revealed that she might not have won the show.

“If the hourglass twist didn’t happen and I was out of the game for two days unable to talk to anybody or build any connections of my own, of course, I’m toast! All of these people are on edge because they just merged,” she explained.

Despite the issue that would have arisen if she didn’t have the twist, she does have a theory.

“They don’t want to be the merge boot, so of course they would target the person who’s not there,” she added. “Hello, it’s a no brainer! But my theory is if there was no hourglass, there probably wouldn’t have been a two-day exile, and I probably would’ve been on the field with the rest of the players, and who knows what would’ve happened.”

After her win, the fellow contestants, aside from the final three, didn’t know the outcome. She didn’t even tell her parents. However, she did manage to tell her therapist. It was a fun challenge for her to keep the whole thing a secret.

‘Survivor’ Major Changes

Survivor 41 saw numerous changes this past season. The first of which being the fact that it took approximately half the time that a typical season was shot. According to host Jeff Probst, producers and the cast agreed that it was enough time for them on the island. He spoke to TV Line about the new mixups for the series.

“The 26 days came as a result of having to shoot two seasons back-to-back with no break,” he began.“We knew we couldn’t do two 39-day seasons, so we spent a lot of time working to make sure that we could do a full season in 26 days and that the experience would still be satisfying to the players.”

Right now, it is unknown if future seasons will be filmed in this time span or back to the original 39-day shoot schedule.

“It’s still too early to decide if we would ever go back to 39 days,” he continued. “But I will say that we do believe in the 26-day schedule. And as you’ll hear during the Survivor After Show, the players fully agree that 26 days still gave them absolutely everything they wanted from their Survivor adventure.”

The other major shakeup this season was the finale. In past seasons, it was a live extravaganza with a live audience. This time around, it was just the cast and crew, super intimate. Even fellow contestants that weren’t in the final group didn’t know the outcome until the reunion show.

“It’s a good question and one we debated as well,” Probst said. “What are the pros and cons of reading the votes on location with just the players and the jury vs. a big finale with a live audience? Here’s what we learned: there are pros and cons to both!”

Probst believes that the live audience did help make it feel like a big ending and send-off.

“I definitely miss the big energy of the live audience and seeing all the family members of our players. That kind of excitement is very unique because it’s more of an event. But what was really cool about revealing the winner in the jungle was the intimacy,” he concluded.