‘Survivor’ Contestant Shan Smith Looks Forward to Next Season

by Jonathan Howard
Photo: Robert Voets/CBS Entertainment 2021 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

This past season of Survivor was one for the books. Shan Smith found herself with some power before being ousted from the game.

Smith was able to work herself and her friends into an alliance that was hoping to take on the entire cast of the show. Much like Big Brother 23 and the “Cookout” alliance, the “Campout” alliance was all Black contestants. While things fell apart towards the end, the group did have some success. However, the game is the way it is. So, they didn’t make it to the end.

Season 41 had a lot of new twists and turns. There were some advantages that were included that some contestants hated. Then, again, others were saved by those same new twists. So, there are going to be folks upset and others thankful for the various additions to the game. Shan was able to make it through a lot of the game without too much help outside of the usual advantages.

At one point in the game, Smith was running Survivor. She really looked like the one to beat. However, it just wasn’t meant to be. Looking back on her time on the show, it comes down to that alliance. Is it something that fans can expect to happen in the future? Shan sure hopes so.

“We learned a lot,” Smith said on the Rob Had A Podcast show. “One victory, one lesson, so Big Brother was the victory and Survivor was the lesson. I hope they get it right in 42. I hope it’s a great season in 42. The bigger thing is, can we work together? So there’s a lot to learn there.”

Is the next group of Survivor contestants going to be able to correct the mistakes of Shan Smith and her group? Perhaps.

‘Survivor’ Contestant On Double Standards

While each contestant has a chance to win the game, sometimes Survivor is not a game of equal opportunity. Some folks find that they are better suited to the game, contestants are going to make friends and turn the tables on others. It happens. Shan Smith talked about double standards in the game after she was eliminated last season.

“I wouldn’t have been able to pull off the stuff that I did, had I not been a good listener,” Smith explained. “So I know that I’m capable of listening. It gets tricky when you’re working with alpha males, or men who are particularly sensitive, and I honestly will stand my ground on that. I really do feel like that was the case here [with Richard Foye and Deshawn Radden], because I didn’t have that issue with Danny. I didn’t really have that issue with Liana [and] I didn’t have that issues with Genie, Brad, or anybody else.”

Dealing with those dynamics and the different egos has to be challenging. Folks on Survivor put up their walls and shelter themselves from too much. Those “alpha” players that Shan talked about make players like her rethink their approach.