‘Survivor’ Contestant Weighs In on Whether It Was Time for Shan Smith to Go

by Anna Dunn

Survivor has really been heating up in the past few weeks as we get closer and closer to the finale. One recently ousted contestant weighed in on whether or not it was time for Shan Smith to leave. Shan Smith was a major threat in the game.

Incredibly strategic and charismatic, Shan was quickly able to send to the top of the social hierarchy on Survivor 41. Almost everyone she wanted to go home went home that week. But when people caught wind of her power, one of her closest allies, Ricard, decided to turn against her and rally the group to take her out.

The only person who didn’t know of this plan was Shan’s other close ally, Liana Wallace. Liana happened to get voted out right after, and in a recent exit interview with Entertainment Weekly, she weighed in on whether or not she felt it was time for Shan to go.

The short answer? No.

Liana Wallace Really did Want To Take Shan to The End

Despite the fact that Shan probably would have gotten the win, Liana really did want to take Shan to the end.

“I did want to sit with Shan at the end. Like when I was talking to her, I said, ‘I don’t care if people might think you’re the better player than I am. I would take that challenge. That’s a risk I’m willing to take sitting with you at the end.’ And so I did want to go to the end with her,” she said. “At that point in time, it was a decision I made. I was like, ‘Well, by telling you this, I’m resolidifying our bond, and I want to go to the end with you.’

It’s not the most traditional approach to Survivor, but Liana Wallace wanted to play the game with authenticity.

“You go into this game and you’re like, ‘I’m not gonna tell anyone anything.’ When you get out there, it’s a different beast entirely,” she explained. “I really wanted to build this sense of trust with her. I did trust her and thought that was a way to do it. That’s the way I played the game, and I wanted to have that authenticity. That’s something that, again, I gambled with.”

What to Expect from Next Week’s ‘Survivor’ Episode

Liana and Shan were both pretty big competitors this year, with Shan being one of the fiercest in the season. But sadly, both have them have now been sent out. It leaves us with a final six consisting of Xander, Deshawn, Danny, Ricard, Erica, and Heather. Xander seems to have proven himself to be the threat Liana always thought he was.

The next episode will see a major truth revealed at tribal the could completely change the outcome of the vote last minute. So it’s not one you’re going to want to miss. Tune in to CBS on Wednesday at 8/7 central to find out what happens.