‘Survivor’ Contestant Xander Hastings Opened Up About Voting in the Big Finale

by Jonathan Howard

When it came down to the final vote in Survivor this season, Xander Hastings found himself on the wrong end of a landslide.

Of course, Erika Casupanan ultimately ended up as the victor. However, things might have played out differently. Take for instance, what if Xander was on the jury instead of the final three? One vote one way or another could influence others to change their votes. While Erika earned all but one vote on the jury, there’s no way to know if things would have been the same under different circumstances.

Xander talked to the Survivor News podcast recently about what he would have done in a jury situation. The hypothetical three were Erika, Deshawn Radden, and Heather Aldret in place of the actual finale trio. So, what would Xander do in this situation? Well, it isn’t so simple.

“I think something that was interesting,” Xander said. “Is that Deshawn didn’t get a lot of votes, even from his own alliance – when I really valued Deshawn’s ability as a spokesman. He’s an amazing speaker, very passionate, very genuine, very real, and I really appreciated that because I appreciate the show as art and he’s an artist, so to speak, in the way he talks at tribal council. He was great at that.”

However, does that mean the Survivor finalist would have voted for Deshawn if the roles were flipped? Not necessarily. There is a lot that goes into the jury vote. Not everything is clear and cut and dry.

“I can also value Erika’s gameplay and her strategy and laying low,” Xander continued. “The fact that her story, too, and just like being a woman… She was the other underdog and I know how hard it is to be an underdog and just scrap your way.”

‘Survivor’ Finalist Reveals Who He Would Have Voted For

Now, all of the compliments of his former competitors are nice and all, but fans want to know one thing: Who would Xander have voted for if he was on the jury? Given those three Survivor contestants, he only commented on Deshawn and Erika. So, it’s clear Heather is not in the conversation.

“I think to cast my vote in the end,” Xander started out. “Probably Erika. That’s the thing about groupthink on Ponderosa, if you know everyone else is voting for Erika, it’s a lot easier when you’re on the fence… I really like them both and it’d be a super hard decision. I really wouldn’t know unless I were in the moment with the raw feelings. They both had so much going for them…”

So, would much have really changed after all? It turns out that Erika was a favored contestant by just about everyone. It looks like once that hourglass decision was made, she was on a one-way course to be the Survivor champion.