‘Survivor’ Contestant Xander Hastings Opens Up About Getting No Votes in Final

by Jacklyn Krol

It’s no small feat to get to the finals of Survivor, but it is a disappointing feat to not get any votes.

Contestant Xander Hastings spoke to Entertainment Weekly about the shocking twist that even he didn’t see coming . He admitted that he was surprised that he had no votes at all.

“I wasn’t surprised at the loss. I knew I lost the moment I stepped into final four, and I had the necklace on, and I give Ricard a big smile,” he began. “Ricard‘s been the closest person out there. I’ve been telling him all the things I’ve been doing, letting him in on all the strategy that’s going on in my head. And Ricard knows me inside and out. He knows the game I’ve been playing. We’ve talked to each other about it. And he’s the person that I love. He’s the biggest threat, so it makes sense to take him out. And in doing so, I could also put him [on to work the jury].”

While Hastings gave him a warm smile, he was met with a cold glare. In that moment he realized that it was about to become an uphill battle.

“Having one person as well-spoken as Ricard very against you, it’s going to be a tough thing,” he added. “When I saw his face, I was like, “Oh, okay. So he’s going to be campaigning against me.”

Finally, Hastings believes that it only took one person for the others to follow suit. He believes that his narrative was that he was not worthy of winning. He is currently trying to rationalize the whole situation and his bro turning against him.

‘Survivor’ Xander’s Final Vote

It was strange that Hastings didn’t get a single vote on Survivor. He was the last Yase surrounded by Luvus.

“So it was almost like to vote for a Luvu would be to invalidate all the hard work that we had to put into surviving pre-merge, which was so hard,” he shared. “It’s really hard with the small numbers and all these crazy advantages, losing your vote. And at least from my perspective, my life was on the line so much that it was like. win this challenge or you’re going home because you’ve got no vote and three girls who want you gone.”

He said that he thought that he would be respected as the last Survivor Yase member. After all, he did beat out many odds like being an idol holder. At the end of the day, he knows that this game is all about strategy. He does somewhat regret by not playing his advantages.

He noted that Tiffany told him that he could have played the idol for her. But in his mind, he would have sent himself home.

“It’s just about the fact that I have the power to save people,” he added. “And I haven’t done it. I chose selfish every time because the game that would get me to the end was a selfish game, and it’s not the game that the jury’s going to love. And sadly, I didn’t see a route for me that was one of benevolence because the type of person that wins challenges and is threatening-looking or whatever, they never get very far. Because at some point, their allies who they trusted the whole time and did whatever for them, they turn on them.”