‘Survivor’ Contestant Xander Hastings Reflects on Things He Would Have Done Differently

by Megan Molseed

Survivor 41’s Xander Hastings found some pretty amazing success in the latest installment of the popular reality television series. So much success that he was all but certain he would be winning the million-dollar prize in the popular competition. However, as we all know, this did not go as the contestant planned.

So, are there things that he would do differently if given the chance? Was there one moment on Survivor in which Xander Hastings thinks would have won him the game, if he had just performed differently?

Yes, there is the Survivor contestant says. And, for Xander, it all comes down to one firey moment.

“I trained Heather all that day. I was making sure that she knew exactly how to make fire,” the Survivor contestant tells Entertainment Weekly.

“Of course, there’s always that voice that’s like, “Oh man, you practice so much for months knowing that you would be the person to make fire. You could do it in under six seconds. Every single day, wake up, make fire, go to bed, make fire,”” Xander Hastings adds.

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But, the contestant says, it was his soft side along with a sense of fear that ultimately held him back.

“I was always making fire. And then you see the scene where I just strike it once and it lights up,” Hastings explains. ” I’m like, “Oh, my God, this could be it. I could just step in and do it.” But I was so afraid.”

And, Hastings says, he sees why this decision would be something the jury wasn’t impressed with.

“The fault in my game is that I showed the fear of not stepping in, which I think is a stupid precedent that you have to step in,” he explains. “II understand that the jury wanted me to step in and show that confidence.”

But, he says, it was this confidence he just couldn’t muster at the moment.

“I couldn’t help but think, “What if I step in and lose?” And then I’m the fool who people are like, “You could have won if you just got to the end,'” Hastings explains

“And then I’m pulling out my hair. People are saying, “You could have won!” I wanted there to be no question,” he says. “I wanted to get to the end. And I needed to know whether or not I was going to win.”

While Hastings does go over these moments quite a bit since his final moment competing on Survivor 41, he does say he is fine with the way things ultimately went down.

“I wouldn’t have changed a thing,” he says. “Because I played the best I could with the cards that I was dealt.”