‘Survivor’ Contestant Xander Hastings Reveals His Favorite Moment That Got Cut

by Jonathan Howard
Photo: Robert Voets/CBS Entertainment 2021 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

The results of Survivor 41 are in and for Xander Hastings, that means going home think “what if?” He has talked about his time on the show including the moment he wishes could have been televised.

As the season has gone on we have been able to see what each castaway felt about their time on the show. From the very beginning, we have heard from players about moments in the show and those moments that didn’t make the show. So, what happened that Xander wishes fans could have seen?

Well, remember Xander’s fake idol? There was more to that story than we got to see on screen. The Survivor finalist talked about what happened. After planting the idol himself, he went out looking for it, taking the camera crew with him. While the crew was in on the secret, other contestants were not.

“And this is actually the beginning of the secret scene where I’m looking for an idol [and Liana follows Xander around], but I actually planted the thing,” he said to Entertainment Weekly. “So I go out to look for the idol, and I grab [the fake one]. I run away. Liana and Deshawn are chasing me… I slip, I wipe out, and I check my pockets. And I’m like, ‘Oh, my God, I lost my fake idol!’ So now I couldn’t stop cracking up. The camera guys knew what was going on. They couldn’t stop cracking up.”

In the end, Ricard found the fake idol. Xander acted as though he was looking for a real idol and Ricard handed it to him telling him that Naseem had made a fake idol. However, he was glad that Xander trusted him saying he had found an idol. Survivor is a wild game.

‘Survivor’ Jury Left Xander Hanging

As usual, a jury was comprised of former contestants on the show and they voted on who would win the game. The three finalists were set and Xander felt that he had a chance to take home the entire thing. However, when the final vote was actually revealed, he didn’t get a single vote. In fact, only one person on the jury didn’t vote for the eventual winner Erika.

After building relationships, working hard to play the game, and making it to the end, Xander was shocked. Survivor contestants work and play the game with the idea that a jury of their peers will vote on the final.

“It’s really hard with the small numbers and all these crazy advantages, losing your vote,” Xander lamented. “And at least from my perspective, my life was on the line so much that it was like, win this challenge or you’re going home because you’ve got no vote and three girls who want you gone.”

The Survivor castaway played the game as well as he could. However, it just wasn’t enough. Erika took the final vote 7-1-0 over the other two castaways in the final. That had to be a hard pill to swallow for Xander. However, making the final three is no easy task.