‘Survivor’ Contestants Are Drawing from Another Popular Reality Competition for Inspiration

by Jonathan Howard

This season of Survivor is unlike any other season before. There is so much information and change, but one new alliance seems familiar. It appears that a group of four contestants is taking a page out of the Big Brother playbook.

Back in the most recent season of Big Brother, contestants formed an alliance dubbed “The Cookout.” In short, this is an alliance of all the Black contestants that takes place behind the scenes. This summer, the alliance led to a successful run to the Final 6 for the contestants. Now, viewers are wondering if the same will work out for these Survivor contestants in Season 41.

Shan Smith, Liana, Danny McCray, and Deshawn Radden are planning on joining forces secretly. The tribes have finally merged, so things are getting very exciting. At this point, contestants have gone through a lot of grueling challenges, tasks, and rough days out in the open. If there is one lesson this group can learn from the Big Brother Cookout, is that things won’t always be easy.

On reality game shows, alliances are the lifeblood of the drama. Without secret alliances and double-secret, back door deals, these shows wouldn’t be any fun! Over the years the best seasons have always been the ones with the best alliances. So, if this new group can bring some of that drama and intrigue to the show, viewers are going to accept it. However, Survivor isn’t always won by the person with the most friends, that’s for sure.

The things that go on unknown to most contestants such as immunity idols, extra votes, and more make an alliance tricky in Survivor. Each player will need to be thinking about the chances they could be eliminated without a saving grace from the alliance.

‘Survivor’ Gives Fans a Twist in Episode 6

Although the season is just through six episodes, the latest twist has fans excited. There have been a number of these twists this season and it has kept things so interesting. While the tribes have merged, there is still separation. Shan played a big part in the last episode as well.

Shan and Ricard get into a fight with one another and that relationship seems to be headed for its end. However, feelings move fast in Survivor so it could just be a small bump in the road. The two had a choice to make in episode 5 and ended up sending team member Geanie home.

While the three teams came together, the feast was not given for all. Two teams were made and the contestants battled for the right to chow down on the celebratory meal. There was also a safety buff up for grabs in this challenge. Afterward, it became very clear that Danny doesn’t want Erica around long. Erica ended up in exile. There is no telling where this season of Survivor will end up.