’Survivor’ Contestants Are Forced to Start Over from Scratch in New Video

by Jonathan Howard

Tomorrow night is a big night for Survivor, and the contestants are going to have to start entirely from scratch. They have abandoned their prior camp and are starting anew.

Now that we are down to just five contestants, things have heated up, and new challenges are ahead. We see the contestants moving to a new camp, and they don’t have any resources. Everything they had worked hard to build is gone, and they have to rethink things.

Everyone still in the game believes that they have what it takes to win. Deshawn. Ricard. Erika. Heather. Xander. One of them will win, and the others will go home thinking about what could have been. Check out the video below that shows the Survivor contestants arriving at a new beach and taking in their new surroundings.

The castaways arrive in the middle of the night. They get to their new camp and realize there is just the bare minimum there. The two-hour finale will be filled with challenges and surely a twist or two.

As the players get settled in, we see that they are fresh off the boat from the last tribal council. So, feelings are still raw after Deshawn went scorched earth in the last council. Prior to the vote, he let everyone know what Erika was up to as far as her alliance with Heather goes. That isn’t sitting right with his fellow Survivor castaway.

Xander Seems Confident Heading into Finale

With just four other contestants remaining, Xander seems to be very confident. The new conditions don’t seem to be bugging the long and lanky app developer. In fact, he thinks that he will excel in harsher conditions. Less food, less sleep, all that means is that the others will be battered and tired.

According to Xander himself, he doesn’t need food or sleep, or water. He is going to “eat” his own adrenaline, according to that video. However, it remains to be seen if that is true. The player will have to prove himself like anyone else.

While Xander talks about how great he will be without food, the rest of the contestants have ideas about the game. Erika is clearly going to be mad at Deshawn. That was going to happen as soon as Danny was voted off instead of his ally. Ricard is also looking strong. He feels confident.

Will Any ‘Survivor’ Contestants Return?

Every season there is usually a return of players that had been voted off. Survivor is very good at doing the reunion thing for the finale. However, we don’t know about this year. While it would make sense to have contestants back, there hasn’t been a word one way or another.

Despite not having a lot of information, we can speculate a bit. Shan Smith would be a dramatic addition to the finale. Perhaps we see Liana come back or Evvie. There were a lot of favorite castaways this season. Tune in to the two-hour Survivor finale to find out.