‘Survivor’ Contestants Claim Production Interfered in a Big Moment

by Samantha Whidden

Former Survivor contestants are reportedly claiming that the show’s production’s crew may have interfered in a big moment.

According to Heavy.com, two-time Survivor contestant Reitman Bledsoe and one of his tribemates revealed in a Ask Me Anything (AMA) on Reddit that there was some production interference that took place during his second season, Cambodia. 

When asked what he would have done differently in Cambodia, the Survivor alum stated that he “could have had a shot” at winning if he would have actually voted out the eventual winner of the season, Jeremy Collins, at the final 5. He originally wanted to make that power move. But was allegedly convinced by a production member to not go for it. He thinks that this was to help Collins win. 

“The producer who was on duty for the finale effectively talked me out of it,” the Survivor contestant states. “Arguing that I wouldn’t make it to F3 if I voted Jeremy out. We went down the line of jurors. And he made the case for many of them that we’d be super tight. And they might vote for me over Jeremy. I wasn’t aware of the depth of Jeremy’s bond from old Bayon, so I foolishly entertained these ideas.”

The Survivor contestant also states that he should have “definitely known” that the producer was lying to him about Kelly Wigglesworth voting in his favor. Eventually, Bledsoe and his ally Tasha Fox kept Collins over Keith Nale. The duo eventually lost to Collins. Bledsoe takes responsibility for the decisions, however. “What I did is ultimately my responsibility,” he explains. “But yea, there it is.”

Fellow ‘Survivor’ Contestant Kass McQuillen Reveals the Show’s Production Team Affected Her Decisions As Well

Following Reitman Bledsoe’s explanation about what happened on the set of Survivor Cambodia, fellow contestant Kass McQuillen claims that the show’s production team also had affected her decisions in the game as well.

While commenting on Bledsoe’s post, McQuillen states that early on in Cagayan, Survivor host, Jeff Probst, actually convinced her and Tasha to keep Bledsoe over J’Tia Taylor after their Luzon tribe only had four members on Day 11.

“He spent a good hour at tribal making the case against J’Tia,” the Survivor star claims. “[Probst] wasn’t asking questions that aired. He was asking leading questions to keep his favorite.”

The Survivor contestant then said that interference by Probst and the production team happened all the time. She also described the host as being downright rude to many of the contestants while filming. She went on to add that the production didn’t speak to her much. But she suggests that the production favored the season’s eventual winner, which was Tony Vlachos. “Tony and production had him the entire time.”