‘Survivor’: Danny McCray Explains Intense Conversation With Jeff Probst About Hourglass Twist

by Jonathan Howard

This season of Survivor has had a lot of twists and turns throughout and Danny McCray isn’t cool with all of them.

There is a lot that fans and players had to deal with for the first time this season. The show is always trying to keep things interesting. So, that means new twists, advantages, and more. However, not everything has been accepted and appreciated this season. Now that he is no longer on the show, McCray has talked about the show and those twists.

Specifically, the Survivor contestant has an issue with the hourglass situation. Here is what he said about the situation.

 Listen, I’m not a confrontational type, and I love Sydney, but I wouldn’t say I was yelling at Jeff or anything like that. But it was very important for me to let him know that the integrity of the game is at risk when you are the host and you’re able to lie to the contestants. If you go out there and say, “Hey man, this is what’s happening,” kind of like the Do or Die twist, then I can accept that. But when you are the person that says, “Work hard, dig hard, you have to earn everything this season on Survivor,” and then you earn it, really just to not earn it, it didn’t sit well with me. Being a competitor, it was difficult for me to process.

So, it looks like the contestants were just as against the hourglass moment as many fans. That is no surprise. Survivor tried some new things and they didn’t work out.

‘Survivor’ Hourglass ‘Really Forced’ According to Danny

Danny didn’t just stop at what he said above. The conversation went deeper. The interviewer brought it up about viewers struggling with the hourglass issue. It just seemed like it was something they wanted to make happen despite the fact that it wasn’t a usual part of the game. Change is hard, but it wasn’t really done that well.

“I stand by saying this was not a ‘twist.’ Everybody wants to compare it to idols and every other thing that happened, and I say, ‘Listen, Jeff has never looked at anybody in their face and lied to them. Blatantly.’ Erika had no choice but to do it, but I feel like it was a really, really forced moment.”

To be honest, it was forced. Probst was probably just doing what he was supposed to do. The producers and writers of the show might have a change of mind next time this comes up. Maybe make a special challenge for it. Or, they could just scrap the idea altogether.

Twists are part of the show. But if they don’t flow with the game, then they should be reworked. Survivor contestants and fans alike are pretty united on this.