‘Survivor’: Danny McCray Reveals If He’d Play Again

by Jonathan Howard

After having his torch snuffed out on Survivor there is just one question for Danny McCray to answer. Will he ever play again in the future?

The contestant was able to make it to the final six, which is impressive. That takes skill, cunning, and of course, a little bit of luck in the process. Getting to hear from the players after their time on the show is so fun. We get to hear all the little behind-the-scenes bits we normally don’t see on TV.

Danny was pretty upset about a couple of things on the show. Mainly, the hourglass twist. However, he did make a deep run into the game and proved that he was a formidable opponent to the others. His alliance didn’t withstand the test of time, but it is what it is. McCray talked to TV Line about the possibility of returning to the show in the future. There have been multiple contestants that have returned for other seasons after their first go-around.

However, Danny, might not be on that list.

“Today, I don’t think so,” he said about playing Survivor again. “That twist is really… it weighs on me a lot, and I don’t think that I’ll be able to put myself in a situation to be tricked and fooled and bamboozled in that way. I’d rather just stay home, chill out in my jacuzzi and watch TV.”

Danny Had an Uncomfortable Conversation with Jeff Probst

While Survivor is a game show, the contestants sacrifice a lot to be on the show. They are away from their home, family, friends, their jobs, and that can take a toll. Not to mention the fact that some players have studied the game for years. So, they think they know what to expect even when they don’t.

Danny says that he and the other contestants were lied to and that just wasn’t going to fly without saying something. For McCray, the integrity of the game was put at risk when the hourglass situation came into play. While the Do or Die twist was a surprise, it wasn’t something that was hidden from anyone.

‘Survivor’ Heads to Finale with Final Five

There are just five contestants left in Survivor. Everyone is pretty much on their own. The campsite has been moved and the final contestants have had to abandon everything they have built over the many weeks. Start over from scratch.

Not to mention, Deshawn spilled everyone’s dirty laundry all over the place at tribal council this week. He didn’t hold back and now, the alliances that did exist are shaky at best. Deshawn, Ricard, Heather, Xander, and Erika remain. One will be crowned the winner, but who will it be? Tune in next week to find out.