‘Survivor’: Deshawn Struggles to Not Get Voted Off in Upcoming Episode

by Anna Dunn

Survivor is entering its final weeks. It looks like Deshawn is going to struggle to keep himself afloat in the upcoming episode. But he’s making some major moves and forming a really surprising alliance. The episode called Truth Kamikaze, promises big moves at tribal and in the game itself.

A sneak peek of the upcoming Survivor episode shows that Deshawn may be aligning with… Erica and Xander. Which, what?! That’s a big surprise. Deshawn was gunning for Erica so much that he wanted to throw competitions when they were on the same tribe just to get Erica out. But now he’s realizing that he, Erica, and Xander have all played really different games. So maybe they’d be a powerful final three that nobody would see coming.

This is particularly interesting because Deshawn has been working so closely with Danny and Erica has been working so closely with Heather. But Danny and Heather are not included in this alliance. Instead, they’ve opted for Xander, who is more of a free agent. But who knows, this new alliance may be just crazy enough to work as the game enters the final six.

At this point, Deshawn really has to try anything to just stay in the game. After Shan was ousted, Deshawn became target number one of a four-person alliance with Xander, Ricard, Erica, and Heather. But when he got immunity in a game at tribal, they were unable to vote him out and Liana went home instead.

If Deshawn doesn’t do something big this week, it’s probably going to be him that’s voted out.

But Survivor has also teased that this episode will have a major truth get revealed at tribal. That truth could change how the vote goes. Whether or not this is in Deshawn’s favor is unclear.

Shan’s Dramatic ‘Survivor’ Exit Put a Target on Deshawn

When Shan was voted out, she called out Deshawn, which he didn’t really handle well when he got back to camp. His efforts to do damage control actively made it worse. Deshawn had a four-person alliance with himself, Danny, Liana, and Shan which quickly fell apart when Deshawn realized how big of a threat Shan was.

Her dramatic exit did not leave anyone unscathed. The alliance fell apart. Liana was very unhappy with Deshawn and Danny’s decision not to tell her they were voting out Shan and didn’t want to work with them anymore. And with Deshawn making a scene back at camp, he emerged as the new target.

There’s also still the matter of idols. Other promos for the show make it look like there’s one left to get found, and Xander still has one, which could really complicate the game.

If you want to see how Deshawn and the rest of the castaways fare on the next episode of Survivor you can tune in to CBS tonight at 8/7 central.