‘Survivor’: Erika Casupanan Wins Season 41

by Samantha Whidden

Following a pretty grueling and crazy season, Erika Casupanan was dubbed the official winner of the Season 41 of CBS’ hit series ‘Survivor.’

According to Hollywood Life, five players were left in Survivor Season 41’s finale. They were Xander Hastings, Ricard Foye, Heather Aldret, Deshawn Radden, and Erika Casupanan. During the episode, there were only three days left of the competition. The five contestants had to start over on a new island. They had no food or shelter.

Survivor contestants Casupanan and Radden ended up settling their feud during the last tribal council. However, Radden told the tribune that Casupanan had no intention of bringing her number one ally, Aldret, to the end of the game. Casupanan obviously grew frustrated over the situation. Aldret made sure her thoughts were known about Casupanan’s decision. Radden admitted that he decided to blow up Casupanan’s game due to frustration. This was due to the fact that he was at the bottom of the previous tribal.  

As the game continues, the Survivor contestants are given a phrase to unscramble at the tree mail. Casupanan manages to find the advantage of the game. This notably gives her a “small advantage” at the next immunity challenge. Which is an obstacle course featuring a 75-piece puzzle at the end. 

The Final Four ‘Survivor’ Season 41 Contestants

Casupanan’s key advantage is that her ladders in the obstacle course have some rungs already built in place. The other contestants had to place all the rungs themselves. She wins the immunity and reward challenge. She then decides to pick Aldret to go on the reward with her. This was to help fix the relationship the duo had prior to the last tribal. 

The duo eventually put the situation to rest, with Aldret admitting she was more upset with Radden. Upon going into the tribal council, Hastings had apparently hidden immunity idol that he couldn’t use past the vote. So he was safe along with Casupanan. Since Aldret wasn’t a major threat, players had to decide between Radden and Foye. Radden ended up winning the vote and four contestants remained.

In the next immunity challenge, contestants had to walk across an uneven walkway and create a series of blocks to spell out “Final 3” on a wobbly platform. Hastings ended up being the winner of the challenge and he automatically earned his spot in the final tribal council. He then picked Casupanan. Radden and Aldret had to build a fire and Radden ended up winning. Radden, Casupanan, and Hastings were the final three. 

Erika Casupanan Beats Deshawn Radden & Xander Hastings

Finally, the jury was up to make a decision. Foye and Aldret are on the jury, along with Shan Smith, Tiffany Seeley, Naseer Muttalif, Evvie Jagoda, Liana Wallace, and Danny McCray.

Radden opens up about his journey on the show and Hastings reveals his skills. Radden was eventually called out for lying while Hastings received some credit for the decisions he made. Meanwhile, Casupanan recalled her biggest move in the game, changing the game with the hourglass twist. Foye asks her to explain her social game and relationships. 

In the end, the jury voted for the person they thought should win. The votes were: Erika, Deshawn, Erika, Erika, Erika.