‘Survivor: Fiji’ Contestant Reportedly Stabbed by Homeless Woman

by Madison Miller

A popular person in the “Survivor” world reportedly just got attacked and seriously injured.

Michelle Yi, a contestant on the “Survivor: Fiji” season, was stabbed and beaten with a metal baton on Thursday morning. She was in Santa Monica, California at the time. It all happened right before 6 a.m. as Yi was headed to the pilates studio that she is employed at.

Michelle Yi Attacked in Santa Monica

According to People, Yi was standing near the open front door as some of her students were walking into the studio. At the same time, the 37-year-old said that what appeared to be an “agitated” woman started to also approach the door.

“She was yelling all sorts of things like, ‘You stole my identity’ and, ‘You’re a prostitute.’ Santa Monica has a homeless problem, and I’ve dealt with this type of thing before. So I told her, ‘Ma’am, you can’t be here. You need to leave,'” Yi told the news outlet.

Despite trying to deescalate the situation, things quickly got out of hand.

Instead of leaving, the woman lunged at Yi with a knife and a metal baton. She stabbed her in the left bicep and then hit her in the right hand with that heavy baton. The impact was enough to completely shatter the Apple Watch she had on. She thankfully has no broken bones from that.

Then the woman struck her once on the head with the baton. This strike split her face open, which resulted in a cut that was bleeding everywhere. She required several stitches in the hospital. A student of Yi’s was nearby and tried to get 9-1-1. Reportedly, the student got a message that the operators were all busy at that exact moment.

Eventually, they were able to flag down a police car that was passing them. The police took the woman into custody and interviewed other nearby witnesses. The woman is thought to have also physically assaulted two other people that morning before the former “Survivor” contestant. Now she is in police custody still and has been charged with three counts of assault with a deadly weapon.

‘Survivor’ Contestant Believes Incident is a Hate Crime

Police speculate that the woman may be off her medication, resulting in unstable behavior.

Yi, on the other hand, also believes that this was a specific Asian-American hate crime. The woman has not yet been charged with a hate crime of any kind.

“I can’t say why she attacked me, of all people. But she was a white lady who attacked three people that morning. Another victim was an elderly Asian man who was walking his dog, and the third was also a person of color. I can’t prove whether it was racially motivated or not, but she was screaming all sorts of awful things at me. The facts are what they are,” Yi told the news outlet as well.

Michelle Yi shared she is incredibly mentally impacted by the entire situation.

Fans of “Survivor” likely remember Yi from her fan-favorite appearance back in 2006. She was called the “cheerleader” of the tribes. When the tribes merged, Yi was part of one of the most infamous Tribal Council twists in “Survivor” history. She was forced to put out her torch and say goodbye.