‘Survivor’: Full Recap of Season 41 Finale

by Joe Rutland

It was quite a finish on Season 41 of Survivor. Who might have conquered the tests and challenges to be the winner?

Let’s take a look at the finale thanks to Entertainment Weekly.

So, who won on Survivor? Erika Casupanan. She became the first Canadian to win. Her vote margin was 7-1-0. For the past 15 seasons, men had won 12 of them. How was the vote total in that time for the last six seasons? Men had 62 final Tribal Council votes, while women got six.

Erika Casupanan played a low-key, flash-adverse game that many deemed impossible to lead to victory.

It was long overdue for a woman to win. Erika played very hard from very early on. Her opponents on Luvu clearly respected her game from the beginning, which is why they tried to throw a challenge to get her out. When she got her opening post-merge, Erika pounced.

‘Survivor’ Winner Remained Steady, Smart Throughout Competition

Erika was steady, smart, and, in contrast to Xander (who was viewed by the jury as being too showy with his clearly calculated moves to sit out of challenges), stealth on Survivor.

It was that stealth that threw viewers. All through the season, the spotlight was trained on huge personalities like Shan, Deshawn, Ricard, and Xander. This obscured the fact that there was someone within their midst who was respected by all and disliked by none.

Now about the Hourglass twist. You could easily make the argument that it is the worst twist in the history of the game. It also saved Erika, who most likely would have been voted out pre-merge without it. But it is interesting and certainly worthy of note as we chart Erika’s journey to note what would have happened had Jeff not handed her that hourglass.

Ultimate Winner Had A Couple of Close Shaves During Competition

She was the near-unanimous pick on Survivor to be voted out and most likely would have had to save herself with an individual immunity win.

That was close shave No. 1. Close shave No. 2 was Xander’s seemingly inexplicable decision to pick Erika to sit next to him at the final two instead of Heather. Xander made a wrong read on the jury and the way they responded to Deshawn’s truth bomb in the week before the final week. His comment about being worried about giving Erika a fire win certainly has merit.

Xander could have beaten anyone at the fire, so he should have taken on Erika at the fire himself.

The jury was flummoxed by Xander’s decision to bring Erika instead of Heather to the end. It confirmed their suspicions that he didn’t have the strategic chops to warrant the win.