‘Survivor’: Here’s How Contestants Remain Part of Game After Being Voted Out

by Shelby Scott

After an astounding 41 seasons airing on CBS, fans of “Survivor” nevertheless anxiously wait to meet new castaways each season. Further, we’ve seen numerous players return over the years, several of which have won the game more than once. Now, we’re here to share how even losing castaways remain a part of the game after they get voted out.

The entire essence of “Survivor” surrounds the idea of completing challenges, gaining players’ trust, and stringing along until you (hopefully) reach the final goal: that million-dollar jackpot.

However, as remaining players strive to keep their place in the games, final decisions often come down to “Survivor’s” jury. For new “Survivor” fans, Distractify states the jury typically consists of castaways voted out post-merge.

As we know, the ideal goal of “Survivor” is to earn the title of Sole Survivor. However, life as a “Survivor” jury member doesn’t seem too unappealing. The jury serves an essential role in the CBS competition. On the other hand, they also fair much better than our actual remaining castaways.

As the game nears its end, the jury ultimately decides the final winner. Members cast their votes as to which competitor they want to win. Further, as we’ve seen previously, the jury can also outcast a finalist who’s reached the end by deception, lies, and cheating. In this way, the jury then votes against a finalist rather than choosing a “Survivor” winner.

What better way to settle the score than by personally casting out your least favorite player and former teammate/opponent?

‘Survivor’ Jury Members Temporarily Live Extravagantly

At first glance, fans of “Survivor” might assume contestants who see themselves voted off the island experience major disappointment. However, following post-merge, we get to see many of the players in a new environment. This is when former castaways ready themselves to be a member of the show’s jury.

While being a jury member is surely satisfying for many players, the outlet stated the benefits that come with the title are even more exciting. Following their boot from the “Survivor” team, jury members head to Fiji’s iconic Ponderosa resort. From here, the “Survivor” player-turned-jury-member shares with audiences a brief clip to reveal their current pursuits.

Distractify stated that while remaining on the set of “Survivor” in the luxurious resort, jury members eat and drink whatever they want. They additionally have an opportunity to participate in various activities while learning about Fiji’s culture.

Unfortunately, though, “Survivor” fans’ most crucial questions surrounding jury members’ other pursuits go unanswered. Over the years, when former jury members have spoken about their experience at Ponderosa, they’ve shared how they discuss with other jurors potential losers and winners, and their thoughts and feelings regarding players’ actions throughout the rounds.