‘Survivor’ Host Jeff Probst Breaks Down Strategy Scenario Ahead of New ’41’ Episode

by Amy Myers

After 41 seasons of hosting Survivor, Jeff Probst has seen just about every kind of scenario happen before him. From betrayals to surprise idols to unlikely victories, the host has been there for every jawdropping moment in the show’s history. So, even though the man himself has never been an actual contestant in the game, he still serves as a valuable source for intel and strategy advice.

Ahead of tonight’s episode of Survivor, Probst teased a crucial detail that will come up with one of the contestants. But instead of just dropping this vital nugget of information, the host took it one step further and explained what he would do in that situation.

“Would you ever throw an immunity challenge?” Probst asked in his video on Twitter.

Check out his answer in the clip below.

For some “die-hard” Survivor fans, the obvious answer is to play that challenge as if your life depended on it. Others might take a more strategic route and lose the competition so that they have the chance to vote an opponent out at the next Tribal Council. It’s a risky move, no doubt, but in Probst’s experience, risky gameplay has paid off more often than not.

Still, the Survivor host claimed that some risks just aren’t worth the reward.

“Some risks, I wouldn’t take, and one of them is I would never go to Tribal if I didn’t have to because as somebody who’s witnessed every Tribal Council, I’ve seen how often things get crazy,” Probst explained. “And somebody walks into Tribal feeling confident and they never make it back to camp.”

‘Survivor’ Fans Respond to Host Jeff Probst’s Scenario

As Survivor host Jeff Probst pointed out, throwing an immunity challenge is really situational. It depends on what alliances you’ve built, if you have idols in your possession and whether you have any opponents vying for your elimination. It also depends on your personality. Most of the time, Survivor tribe members tend to keep their cards close to their chest and not reveal their game plan. However, this isn’t the only way to play. As we’ve seen with recent castaway Brad Reese, some tribe members prefer to play the game up-front. Even if he didn’t win, he did challenge the typical strategy that competitors use.

In response to the scenario that Probst posed, Survivor fans weighed in with how they would act.

“I would NEVER throw an immunity challenge. Gotta live to see another day!” one fan wrote.

“Risky for sure BUT if you can take out a possible threat down the road and your alliance agrees to keep it on the down low, for sure!” a second argued.

“Don’t tempt the Survivor gods by losing on purpose!” another warned.