‘Survivor’ Host Jeff Probst Is ‘Impressed and Inspired By the Locals’ Who Make the Show Possible

by Quentin Blount

Did you know that the Survivor production team hires locals in the region where they are filming? The host of the show explained as much in a recent Instagram post.

Jeff Probst is without a doubt best known for his role as the host of the reality TV show, Survivor. He has been with the show since 2000 — in other words, 41 seasons — a host, executive director, and producer.

Many fans of the show out there might not know, but the production team is the crew that works behind the scenes to produce Survivor. Depending on the season and the location of the show, the team can consist of hundreds of employees. Many of them arrive at the filming location months before filming even begins. They work to construct and design the set of the show to make sure all of the contestants will be safe and secure when things get underway.

The team usually stays on location for about three months. But since the back-to-back shooting has become more common across the industry, sometimes the team stays up to six months at a specific location.

Meanwhile, there is another really cool aspect of the show that not many know about. Alongside the standard crew, the production team also hires local workers from the region in which they are filming. That goes on to generate revenue for them and helps boost the area’s local economy.

The host of Survivor took to social media on Thursday to praise the locals who help “make the show possible.”

“Pretty clear who did it better!” Probst wrote alongside the photo. “41 seasons in and still always impressed and inspired by the locals who make #Survivor possible, including Nathan. #tbt”

‘Survivor’ Host Breaks Down Strategy Scenario Ahead of New Episode

It goes without saying, but after hosting Survivor for an astounding 41 seasons, host Jeff Probst has seen just about every possible kind of scenario that could happen.

That’s right — if you are a die-hard fan of the show, you know that the longtime host has seen betrayals, surprising victories, and all of the other crazy moments to come from the show over the last 21 years. But ahead of Wednesday’s new episode, Probst teased a scenario that was impending for one of the show’s contestants. Would you play the challenge as if your life was on the line? Or would you throw the competition on purpose?

“Some risks, I wouldn’t take, and one of them is I would never go to Tribal if I didn’t have to because as somebody who’s witnessed every Tribal Council, I’ve seen how often things get crazy,” Probst explained. “And somebody walks into Tribal feeling confident and they never make it back to camp.”