‘Survivor’ Host Jeff Probst Misses the ‘Big Energy’ of Live Final Vote Reveal

by Jonathan Howard
Photo: Robert Voets/CBS Entertainment 2021 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

When Survivor airs the finale tomorrow night it will not be a live final vote reveal like in years past. Jeff Probst kinda wishes it was.

While contestants and fans are kinda happy that there isn’t a live reveal this year, Probst is going to miss the live format. It wasn’t a decision that the team came to easily. They debated the idea of how the jury vote would be revealed. It is just going to be an intimate affair with the jury and the five finalists.

Survivor has had a regular formula but they divert every now and again. Fans won’t be too upset about the non-live finale. It just doesn’t feel as big and special to the longtime host of the show. He talked to TV Line about making the decision to do it with a small group.

“It’s a good question and one we debated as well,” Probst explained. “What are the pros and cons of reading the votes on location with just the players and the jury vs. a big finale with a live audience? Here’s what we learned: there are pros and cons to both!”

However, he does miss parts of the live audience.

“I definitely miss the big energy of the live audience and seeing all the family members of our players. That kind of excitement is very unique because it’s more of an event. But what was really cool about revealing the winner in the jungle was the intimacy.”

We’re sure that the finale is going to be great either way. Survivor fans are invested and just want to know who is going to be selected as the winning castaway.

Intimate ‘Survivor’ Finale ‘Felt Special’

So basically, the contestants on Survivor have known for a while who was the winner. It hasn’t been revealed publicly so it’s like a little secret between the contestants. In previous years they would have to hold their breath like the rest of us. However, this year they got to have fun secrecy between just the jury and castaway finalists.

Probst thought that the intimate ceremony made it special in that way. Without the music and fans, it was like other tribal councils. However, it meant more since it was the finale. Then the players went home with the secret and didn’t tell anybody.

“It also felt special because it was just us. So once the winner was revealed, they all shared this great secret. Survivor 41 was their season and only they knew the answer. That’s pretty cool.”

As the Survivor host said, there are pros and cons for each finale ceremony. This one was special because of the intimate nature of the entire thing. We can’t wait to see who is chosen as the winner.