‘Survivor’ Host Jeff Probst Previews What to Expect Next Season

by Joe Rutland
(Photo: Robert Voets/CBS Entertainment 2021 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved)

With Season 41 in the books, Survivor host Jeff Probst turns his attention toward the next season. What can we expect from it?

Outsiders, we’re going to get some answers with a little help from Entertainment Weekly.

So, the new Season 42 was filed in May-June 2021 right after Season 41 ends. The show’s crew stayed in their COVID bubble to keep everyone safe during the pandemic.

What does this mean for Survivor?

New contestants are brought up to speed by producers before filming started. The cast of Season 42 enters the game completely unaware of new twists and turns like the Hourglass and Do or Die wrinkles. Those games wreaked havoc on players in the just-completed season.

‘Survivor’ Gets New Show Filmed, Will Start Airing in March 2022 on CBS

Guess when Survivor 42 premieres with a two-hour show? March 9, 2022. It’s like just around the corner…well, almost.

Probst, who also is executive producer, says, “It was really exciting to birth the next era of Survivor with a new, dangerous, fast-paced game that completely caught the players off guard. 

“For Survivor 42, we have another truly outstanding group of players ready to take on the greatest social experiment on television,” the Survivor host says.

What else does Probst have to share?

“And perhaps the best twist of all is that we shot 41 and 42 back to back,” he says. “Which means this new group of players had not seen Survivor 41, so they have no idea what awaits them!”

You can watch Survivor next season on CBS.

Ricard Foyé Reveals Why He Voted for Erika To Win Season 41

Well, let’s take a little look back at Season 41 for a couple of minutes.

Why did Ricard vote for Erika?

He talks about it in an interview with Entertainment Weekly.

So, he had a kind of a bromance with Xander Hastings. But Foye’s decision went deeper than that. 

“I think there’s a difference between having a friendship and just honoring gameplay,” Ricard says. “In my heart, I felt that Heather and Erika played an all-around better game.

“I guess I felt for too long in the game that he was somebody I was bringing along because I could beat him,” he says.

Foye also believes other people felt that way. He felt that he could beat anyone while others viewed him as the opposite of a threat.

What matters most? Being authentic.

Foye ends up calling Hastings a “sweet, honest human being.” But Ricard also believed that perception was key for this game. Foye thought every interaction Hastings had was fake.  

Now, Survivor fans, you can tune in next season and see if someone plays like Ricard or Xander.