‘Survivor’ Host Jeff Probst Sends Special Message of Gratitude Amid 41st Season

by Kati Michelle

This holiday weekend is a time for connecting with friends and family. It’s a time for exploring new traditions while also being grateful for what you’ve got. And although we didn’t get very many new Thanksgiving episodes from our favorite shows this year, we did get to hear from a few of the cast members anyway. We saw Al Roker freaking out about Baby Yoda, for example, and we were even treated to a joint greeting from the “One Chicago”/”Law & Order” universe. And don’t worry, “Survivor” fans, we’ve got you covered, too.

The famous “Survivor” host Jeff Probst just offered up his own words of thanks for the ones that make the show possible in the first place: the fans. Though the ratings have fluctuated with the times, the show boasts over twenty years on the tube across 41 seasons. Whether you’re a new viewer or have been with the show since the very start, the cast and crew are thankful either way. Here’s what their leading man says.

Jeff Probst Celebrates Over Twenty Years of the Hit Reality Series

Here’s the Instagram post that Jeff Probst shared to his feed from the set of “Survivor.” The giant 41 in front of the contestants, of course, stands for the number of seasons that the show has been alive. Probst keeps the caption short and sweet stating: “Grateful for 41 seasons of #Survivor and the fans that helped make it happen. #HappyThanksgiving

The fans appeared to appreciate the message because they commented on the post offering up their own gratitude.

@chacosandpearls thanked the show for helping them get through some tough times writing: “Thankful for #survivor getting me through the hardest time in my life.”

@madisonvcox joined the conversation saying that watching “Survivor” together was a family tradition at this point. “Literally, JUST finished watching Survivor with my family on Thanksgiving night.  #survivorsuperfan  #putmeincoach

@jacobtaplin99 used the “Survivor” slogan in his reply writing: “The fans love you and the show Jeff! I’m ready to play! OUTWIT OUTPLAY OUTLAST🔥🔥#survivor

His Favorite Moments on the Show Over the Past Two Decades

In sitting down with ET last year, Jeff Probst revealed his favorite moments from “Survivor” over the past two decades. The 15-minute interview starts by asking Probst whether he would have ever thought that he’d be where he’s at today. Probst could only shake his head and say “There’s no way twenty years ago any of us when we were walking through the muddy jungle in the South China Sea could ever dream we’d still be doing this.”

But twenty-plus years later, Jeff Probst says he’s enjoyed “every season” and still keeps that same enthusiasm.

Check it out: