‘Survivor’: Is Shan in Trouble on Upcoming Episode?

by Joe Rutland

As Survivor continues to roll along on CBS, it looks like Shan might be in trouble when the next episode airs on Wednesday night.

Shan is Shan Smith, who is part of the crew on this year’s Survivor with host Jeff Probst.

Maybe a closer look thanks to Matt & Jess will help out.

Now, why would Shan be in danger? She’s played hard throughout this season of Survivor.

But she’s been going hard in the game.

Shan has been a pest to Deshawn. She could either get the boot off the show or maybe settle in for a long run.

What will be the intangibles ahead for Shan? Her flexibility and ability to pivot fast.

A key point is that she needs to stay a step ahead of everyone on Survivor. In addition, Shan also has an idol and an extra vote.

As viewers, the hope has to be that the players keep a “me first” attitude in all things. If they do that, then it could be a whale of a finish on Survivor this season.

‘Survivor’ Player Offers Profanity-Laced Response To Getting Booted Off Show

Well, Outsiders, when you lose a game on Survivor and get tossed, sometimes it might be the right call. Then again, don’t bring that up to Sydney Segal.

See, Segal was voted off the island earlier this season.

Segal didn’t go quietly into the night, though. She made some pointed comments in an interview with US Weekly.

She was voted off the show as a plot twist in the time-warp hourglass sealed her fate. What happened was one player essentially changed the trajectory of the entire game with one decision. Segal, a 26-year-old law student, has her say.

Segal said that “the only way they could’ve gotten me out was with, like, 15 advantages and a twist, that’s like the stupidest s–t ever. So yeah, that’s sick. I wasn’t outwitted, outlasted, outplayed. I was out f—king lucked.”

OK, what else? She’s not holding Erika in spite of using the random advantage. Why? Segal said she’d have done the same thing. But she’s disappointed by the show’s producers and thinks they’ll come to miss her.

Show Announces Plans For Season 42 Starting In Spring 2022 On CBS

“I just think the whole point of the advantage was to get out a strong player because that challenge was meant to be won by strong players,” she said.

Well, we don’t think Sydney will be watching in the future.

But there’s good news for you, Survivor fans. Season 42 will kick off in Spring 2022.

Yes, Probst will be back to oversee the players and games. The show first hit the airwaves on May 31, 2000.