‘Survivor’ Legend Weighs In on Erika Casupanan’s Season 41 Win

by Jonathan Howard

Now that the latest season of Survivor is over, there have been a lot of reactions. Show legend, Stephen Fishbach, a former runner-up.

Fishbach took the time to talk about this season’s winner. Erika Casupanan had a strange road to the win. So, what does the former strategic mastermind think about the latest player to claim victory?

“She did a fantastic job, I thought, of articulating her journey,” he said.

That’s where Fishbach and many viewers differ. Erika’s win was a little controversial. There were other players including Xander. In fact, Xander didn’t even get one vote in the final tally. That was a tough beat, all things considered. Erika earned all but one vote in the final jury. Her own tribemates knew she was dangerous, but she largely flew under the radar.

For Fishbach, it was interesting that she sat in the background for so long. “I did not think that the show would make the first female winner in 7 seasons so invisible in the pre-merge.” Many of these contestants study the game and trends. If Fishbach was surprised, then fans were surely shocked.

Survivor had a few twists that were interesting and one that was very controversial. The twist that was most controversial was the hourglass that Erika received. She was in isolation but was able to reverse the sands of time and the results of the challenge. It was as if nothing ever happened to her. From there she went on to win the entire show, and it wasn’t close.

Danny Still Upset About ‘Survivor’ Hourglass Twist

When the hourglass twist happened, Danny McCray was not happy. In fact, he had a conversation with host Jeff Probst about the situation. While his protest didn’t matter, Danny has held onto the discontent since the show ended. After all, Erika only won because she was able to come back with the twist.

“Being a competitor, it was difficult for me to process,” Danny said about the hourglass twist. He made the top-6 and had a real chance at winning the game for a long time. He was very dominant in challenges and made some strong alliances.

For Danny, losing Survivor was tough because of how competitive he is. The former NFL player is used to being at the top of his game. When it came to the hourglass situation, he felt it was unfair because it was out of his control. Everyone plays the same game, though. So, it isn’t like he went through anything no one else didn’t also have to overcome.

Erika was able to overcome a lot during her time on the show. While she wasn’t a popular pick to win, she came away with it all in the end. Survivor 42 is coming this spring. So fans should get ready.