‘Survivor’: One Contestant Got Mysterious Lack of Screen Time

by Taylor Cunningham

Did you notice that Heather Aldret was a bit elusive on Survivor 41? So did she. And she wasn’t happy about it.

52-year old stay-at-home mom Heather Aldret came in fourth place during this year’s fast-paced season of Survivor. But despite her impressive placing, Heather rarely made on-screen appearances.

Of course, the castaway didn’t know that the cameras weren’t focusing on her while she was in the midst of the battle. It wasn’t until she sat down to watch the game unfold with the rest of us that she realized what happened.

And when Heather saw that she’d been snubbed, she was heartbroken.

“It’s a myriad of emotions because you get so hyped for it and so excited and you wanna promote it and get people to watch it,” she explained to Entertainment Weekly. “And then people show up and in the first one, there was a little bit, and then there wasn’t, and then there wasn’t again.” 

And while Heather was dealing with her own disappointment, she realized that fans were making horrible speculation about her online, which made the situation even more painful.

As she explained to ET, after a few episodes, rumors started to spread like wildlife on social media.

“And then you start seeing the comments online,” she continued. “‘What did Heather do? She has a foul mouth. She cussed too much” or “it’s because of this or she’s trying to hide something.”

It didn’t take long before people began to call Heather Aldret asking why she wasn’t getting any screen time. But she was just as confused as everyone else. So she went right to the source while looking for answers.

Heather Aldret Called the Survivor Casting Director to Ask What she Did Wrong

“So I actually called [Survivor casting director Jesse Tannenbaum] and I was like, ‘Jesse, I need an honest answer,'” admitted Heather. “‘I can handle it. I’m a big girl. We’ve always been very truthful with each other. Did I do something wrong? Am I being punished?’ Because I’m sure you saw everything online, from ‘Did she steal Jeff’s khaki pants?’ to ‘Did she kidnap a member of production’s kid?’ I mean, it just went on. It was a funny meme, but it hurt. It stung.”

And to the reality star’s shock, Tannenbaum said she did everything right. She was a perfect castaway. In fact, he mentioned that the producers “loved” her. The only reason she didn’t get much air time was that the show was focused on advantages, and she didn’t play into them.

“And at that point, everybody in my tribe had been connected to something that way, whether finding the advantage or breaking the hourglass, because we didn’t even go to Tribal yet,” Heather explained. “So everybody had a part in that but me, and that’s where the focus was.”

” So I was glad to hear that,” she added, “but disappointed some of my journey wasn’t shown.”