‘Survivor’ Promises More Post-Merge Chaos

by Jonathan Howard

One thing that Survivor has done over the years is keeping the action going once the merge happens. No teams, but just as much drama. There will be alliances and surprises in store for viewers as the season moves along.

Last night, Syndey got voted off. However, her exit was anything but boring or plain. Before the contestant was voted off the show, Liana made a move to get the immunity idol that went wayward. Instead, she wasted an advantage and possibly set herself up for retaliation.

Xander had the immunity idol and it looks as though he is going to keep moving along with Tiffany and Evvie. While the alliance is holding, for now. Survivor is not a team game in the end. So, loyalty is hard to come by and harder to maintain. Of course, no one on the island is safe. However, that doesn’t mean some contestants aren’t better off than others.

With so many powers in play, episode 8 next week could be a doozy. While the merge has happened, that doesn’t mean factions don’t exist. On one side with have the trio mentioned above with Xander seemingly leading. However, Deshawn, Danny, Shan, and Liana are still moving along with their own alliance. Others are scattered and operating on their own accord too.

Out of the Survivor contestants remaining, Xander, Naseer, and Shan all have immunity idols. So those are three contestants that should stay safe. However, with other powers in play with other contestants, no one and nothing is safe. These powers have been held onto for good reason, so as we round the corner and start heading towards a conclusion this season, plenty of those powers will be used.

‘Survivor’ Turns Back the Hands of Time

In the latest episode of Survivor, one contestant got the opportunity to wipe away the past. Sent out to Exile Island after failing to compete in a challenge, Erika thought she was doomed. She was up for elimination along with Heather, Xander, Shan, Tiffany, and Liana. However, she received one special item.

While out on Exile Island, host Jeff Probst made a visit to the exiled contestant. With him, he had an hourglass. There was an offer made to the exile. She could either take the hourglass and smash it, which would turn back the results from the last challenge and set things as they were. Or, she could leave it as is, and no one would know better. Of course, she smashed it and made her way back to the rest of the group.

After the elimination challenge, contestants were rearranged once again. With clever mind games from Xander, the island lost their minds. Chaos, confusion, and distrust ran amuck prior to the vote. With a fake idol, Xander took Liana’s advantage and kept himself safe. Meanwhile, Sydney was sent back from Survivor.