‘Survivor’ Recent Twist Proves Players Willing to Take Big Risks

by Jonathan Howard

Since the merger on Survivor, there has been some hesitation from contestants, even though they have held powers through multiple eliminations. Viewers were wondering if they had it in them to take a risk.

Alliances have held strong. However, players seem ready to take big risks. It was something that Tiffany Seely noted when she was eliminated. She knew who had powers, and she knows now that they didn’t use any of them. That isn’t the case anymore it seems.

Last night, players shook things up and now the game is looking a lot more interesting than it had been before. No more sitting idly by, especially in the midst of a double elimination night. While the groups were merged, they had been separated into two tribal councils last night. That’s what gave wild card players a chance to make some noise. Richard decided to make another move with his alliance with Shan.

The Survivor pair have worked together for a long time this season. Although it seems like their bond has worn thin, Richard was able to convince Shan to target Naseer with her extra vote advantage. Before he had convinced her, she wanted to take out Heather. However, Richard’s plan worked! Shan Smith and company are going to have to keep an eye out for Deshawn, though.

Although Deshawn was not in Smith’s group when they were split into two tribal councils. So, he didn’t have a chance to take a shot at her. Right now, Shan has had a lot of pull and power in the game. That could all change if Deshawn gets just a couple of votes from the Cookout alliance to flip. He is going to make a run at Shan eventually.

Survivor continues with season 41 on CBS.

‘Survivor’ Shot in the Dark Advantage Held Onto

Last week showed us the last of that hesitation, we hope. It wasn’t last night, but the Wednesday before when the Shot in the Dark advantage was held onto. While this is an advantage, it isn’t full proof. No, this Survivor power is a double-edged sword. It gives a player a 1 in 6 chance at safety during the tribal vote. However, that player has to give up their vote in order to use the advantage.

Sydney Segal tried to use on earlier in the season and it backfired. She wasn’t saved, lost her vote, and got voted off. While other players didn’t save Tiffany Seely with their powers, she didn’t use hers to her advantage either. It wouldn’t have guaranteed anything for her, but it would have given her more of a chance than she ended up having.

What happened last week on Survivor was a lesson in what not to do if you want to win at this stage. Risks have to be taken. As the saying goes, “Scared money don’t make none.”